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Sodium Convert Mmol To Meq

Osmolality, the total number of solute particles per unit mass (mosm/kg [mmol/kg]), can be measured directly by osmometer. normally, osmolality is 50 to 1200 mosm/kg (or 50 to 1200 mmol/kg). measurement is most useful for evaluating hypernatremia hypernatremia hypernatremia is a serum sodium concentration > 145 meq/l (> 145 mmol/l). it implies.

Aldosterone and vasopressin cause sodium and water retention, elevating bp. aldosterone also enhances potassium excretion; low plasma potassium (< 3.5 meq/l [< 3.5 mmol/l]) increases vasoconstriction through closure of potassium channels. angiotensin iii, present in the circulation, stimulates aldosterone release as actively as angiotensin ii.