how to wind yarn into a cake

| December 10, 2020

Making your own yarn cakes is not as hard as you’d think! Winding yarn is a part of crochet and knitting. Some comes twisted in hanks, like in the picture here. The yarn winders in this buying guide come at a range of price points, but all can be used with yarns of many different weights. Wind your Yarn into cakes using a yarn winder. Cut a section of pantyhose a little bigger than twice as tall as your yarn cake. This will allow it to make a neat little container for your yarn cake. A yarn winder is a great tool for any knitter or crocheter because it allows the yser to turn hanks or skeins of yarns into yarn cakes or balls, which are much more convenient to use without tangling the yarn. A cake has two flat sides, it won’t roll. Whether it is a hank of hand dyed from your favorite indie dyer or left over bits and bobs from past projects, sooner or later you will need to wrangle your yarn into a workable form. But if you’re away from home on vacation and “need” to wind it up asap so you can start stitching with it, this is for you. How to Make Yarn Cakes. 1. All you need is some yarn, a yarn needle and a yarn winder. My 8 year old helped me out with this tutorial. Undo a length of yarn from the hank and begin to wind the yarn around the nostepinne an inch or so from where you tied the yarn onto the nostepinne rotating the nostepinne as you go along. There are several tools you can use to do this as well. If you have a ball winder, winding yarns into cakes is a breeze. Tie one end shut- you can use a knot or tie off with sock yarn as I’ve done. It helps keep your yarn ball or yarn cake looking neat by keeping your thumb at the bottom of the yarn ball and your pointer or first finger at the top of the yarn ball. See the video below to learn how to wind yarn using this setup, as well as a brief review of the swifts and winders I recommend: Cut small pieces and place pieces on cake, one at a time being sure to drape one end over the vertical strand and use a shaping tool or skewer to tuck in the end of the string. As you turn the handle on the winder, it pulls the yarn from the swift, causing the swift to spin, and winding the yarn into a center-pull cake. (I am gluing strings to the cake by brushing the cake with a little water). Press more yarn strings through the fondant extruder. I always knit from the outside of the cake. Yarn and needles from the nearest yarn shop, a hand winding sesh. (See picture 2). The tail is left in the middle of the yarn cake. In truth all I did for him was to complete the Russian Joins. good to go. Yarn cake . Select which colors you’d like to use in your yarn cake. It’s effortless to pull it out from the center, without scrambling for the end inside the yarn ball and almost inevitable knot jumping out instead. When I buy yarn other than the pull skein, I wind it on my swift and ball winder to make cakes. The yarn can then be fed from the yarn swift onto the yarn winder. Those cakes looks so tidy, even non crafty people seem to like checking them out. If you purchase this kind, take the paper off and open the yarn up into a big loop. Hand winding into a cartoon yarn ball is good for an unplanned knitting fix, say bad planning while travelling with no project packed. There are several ways you can wind a hank of yarn into a ball or cake. Some yarn comes already wound into center-pull balls. I really love to wind yarn, as I find it very relaxing. Drape the loop of yarn over two chairs or the edge of a desk, or between the hands of a helpful friend. Other times, I load the yarn onto my swift and then wind it by hand into a ball, which is the way I really prefer it, as it’s not as tight of a wind. 2.

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