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| December 10, 2020

There's Hagrid in the Harry Potter books, who showed up to tell Harry he was a wizard and that he had a world of possibilities ahead of him. Hero’s Journey starts with an opportunity presenting itself to the hero to go on an adventure and ends with him/her being changed or transformed. The Archetypes in Harry Potter Series 高詩芸 Monica Kao Harry Potter is a popular series written by J.K Rowling. It is found in myth and fairy. This might not be a physical change, but instead is one between ally and enemy. It is important to keep in mind that these archetypes are not specific in gender, race or age. If Hero goes down the wrong way, makes wrong decisions, they can become the very thing they’re fighting against. Light vs. Darkness: Harry is transported to the dark, gloomy graveyard by the Portkey. When things are dark and intense, Trickster provides a much-needed comedic relief but most importantly Trickster challenges the existing condition. Mentor helps Hero by giving them advice, support and gifts. At first, Hero can be reluctant to accept the task and continue but Mentor convinces them to keep going. We go along on the same journey the hero is set out to and we see everything from Hero’s point of view. Supernatural Aid/Advice from a Mentor Harry has a number of friends and mentors who guide him along his journey. Even though the spectator may not know so much about the details of writing dialogues, they will be able to pick up on what sounds unnatural and unsatisfying. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. In this article, I will be discussing eight of the most important character archetypes. Writing a good dialogue is a crucial part of screenwriting. During the adventure audience must trust them and root for their future success. he also has a certain pragmatic wisdom about him. The hero archetype is seen in Harry Potter and The Sorcerers Stone, Sundiata, and Spider Man. ... Harry Potter-Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. They are the catalyst that sets the whole adventure in motion. Unusual Circumstance at Birth: Shortly after Harry was born, Voldemort came and tried to kill him and his parents. Here Mentor comes to aid. Shadow: Voldemort is the shadow archetype as Harry Potter is the boy who lived after Voldemort killed his parents, Voldemort's quest is to destroy Harry and anyone else who gets in his way. Archetype The term "archetype" has its origins in ancient Greek. The Herald “Announcing…a new challenge!” ~ Herald motto. (58) -From Harry Potter and the Scorcerer's Stone, J.K. Rowling 3. The hero usually grows throughout the story to meet the challenges in the story. They tend to stop messing around at the critical moments. Though he never learns from his mistakes (at work, with women etc.) Archetype - New World Encyclopedia. Examples: Luke Skywalker, Neo, Shrek, Mulan, Pinocchio, Batman, and Harry Potter. Harry Potter is one of the most recent and fitting examples for The Hero. Examples: Chewbacca, Hermione, Watson (Sherlock), and Robin (Batman). Harry potter's archetypal journey 1. The shadow is usually the villain in the story, although this might not necessarily be true. In Harry Potter, Hagrid is the herald because he’s the one who finally comes to fetch Harry from the Dursleys, taking him to Hogwarts. Every hero has a weakness. We all experience difficulties with our concentration regardless of our area of expertise. Let’s take a look at each character archetype’s characteristics and purpose. Platonic Ideal The Loyal Retainer The Mentor - Harry is not physically attracted to Hermione - she is the most intellectually advanced character in the series - though he is a bit clumsy, Neville is brave in supporting Harry - in the 7th book, Neville runs Dumbledore's Army for Harry Potter: Traditional Hero When one is asked how they describe a hero, they state a muscular physique and a colourful costume. In short, writing strong dialogues which are memorable and realistic is important to keep the audience and the story connected. It occurs near the beginning of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.The herald, Rubeus Hagrid, tells Harry that he’s a wizard and explains Harry’s past (Rowling Sorcerer’s 50). He fought a troll to defend Hermione and defeated Lord Voldemort while he was hiding in Professor Quirrell's body. While you do not need to have each one of these character archetypes in your story, I would suggest you have the majority of them. The mentor character archetype helps and protects the hero along her journey. Harry Potter is the hero of not just this movie, but throughout the whole entire Harry Potter series. -- The Chamber of Secrets, J.K. Rawlings. Mentor is also the one who keeps the story moving. The most prominent among these are Dumbledore, Hagrid, Ron, and Hermione. This is generally a dramatic reveal that adds dimension to the story by showing Hero’s internal struggle. We can never be sure of their loyalty until the end, maybe ever. Superman, Harry Potter and Frodo: exploring archetypes of Christ in the media . Shadow While attempting to prove The hero usually has to either trick, defeat, or find some other way around the guardian to continue on the adventure. They are, in order they’re commonly listed; Hero, Mentor, Ally, Herald, Trickster, Shapeshifter, Guardian and Shadow. GUARDIAN (THRESHOLD GUARDIAN): Right before Hero takes on the adventure, Guardian is the one that tests them. Dobby the Elf's initial appearance serves to bring Harry back to the wizarding world-- despite his warning that Harry must not go back to Hogwarts. An archetype is “an original pattern or model of which all things of the same type are representations or copies”. Without Herald’s invitation Hero wouldn’t have chosen to go to the adventure in the first place. Though the hero is starting an unusual journey, the mentor has been exactly in the hero’s shoes before. Creative Education in Teaching Reading and Writing. In order to understand the archetype’s role better and provide continuity in explanation, examples will be provided for each archetype from Harry Potter Series (J.K Rowling, 1997-2007). Star Wars-C-3PO and R2-D2. Harry Potter’s Shadow is Lord Voldemort. They may start off as an enemy and then shift to Hero’s side or vice versa. SHAPESHIFTER: Shapeshifter is the character constantly moves between ally and enemy throughout the story. Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley are the Allies for Harry Potter. The graveyard represents the unknown and despair, which the movie makers portray perfectly through bathing the graveyard the eerie dark blue, dark green, and black lights and placing forlorn-looking statues everywhere. They inform the hero of the possibility of a new world; a world Hero has never known existed. HERALD: Herald is the messenger of the new world, new adventure. Dialogues tend to reveal the general structure of a film’s narrative as well. Examples: Darth Vader, Voldemort, Sauron, and Dottie (the asteroid from Armageddon). Relaxing your mind is always a good solution to keep the production process running but when it comes to writing, how do we exactly overcome a writer’s block? 1. This hero archetype is present in Star Wars when the seemingly normal Luke Skywalker begins … It’s unusual for stories to have exactly one character per archetype. It is worth noting that Jung applied similar four-fold structures in many of his theories. Notes on examples – The hero is usually the easiest archetype to define and the above ones fit neatly into the stereotype of being the most prominent character, whose journey we follow throughout the story and who is different at the end of the story to how they began. Justin Adams, Deseret News Thursday Apr 13, 2017 at 8:48 AM. TRICKSTER: Trickster adds humor to the story. The Mentor was Once in the Hero’s Position. Let’s look at the similarities of Hagrid, the mentor in Harry Potter, and Haymitch, the mentor in The Hunger Games. The hero is almost always the protagonist, the central character in the story. Examples: R2D2 (with message from Princess Leia, messenger owl (from Hogwarts with a letter), and the letter to the ball in Cinderella. Ally accompanies Hero on their journey providing them with whatever help they need. Dobby, the Elf is a perfect example of Trickster archetype.  These character types include the hero, mentor, ally, herald, trickster, shapeshifter, guardian, and shadow. Let’s take a look at each character archetype’s characteristics and purpose. Check your email and click on “Yes, subscribe me to this list.”, Check the captcha box and click on “Subscribe to list”, Follow the link to the Through the Portal novel writing prompts. Examples of Archetype: It is believed that these archetypes appear and reappear in literature-from around the world-because they represent something universal in the human experience. Examples: Luke Skywalker, Neo, Shrek, Mulan, Pinocchio, Batman, and Harry Potter. "Harry Potter" books in print worldwide is in excess of 116 million, and they have been translated into 47 languages. We like watching him get away with things, and we also like watching him fail. Mentor Character ArchetypeS. The Hero Harry Potter The Mentor Hagrid Unusual birth circumstances caused by a traumatic event leads him on an the path to adventure. They provide the story with interesting elements to play with. What one remains oblivious to is the characteristics a hero possesses. Sometimes they distract, sometimes they offer knowledge and sometimes they prove their worth by extreme acts of loyalty. They inform Hero on the possible dangers of the path they’re about to choose and advise them not to go through that path. 5. They are not necessarily enemies, but they are there to stop the Hero from fulfilling their fate. An archetype is a character, or the actions of a character, or the situation that the character faces that represents a recurring plot or theme in literature or art. This character might also challenge the status quo or make the character reconsider their preconceptions or thoughts. In The Avengers Director Fury is the herald… Examples: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Morpheus, Dumbledore, and Gandalf. If you are having trouble developing a plot for your first book, you can check out the Magic Mirror novel writing prompts to create your own story. Herald. They are the obstacle. Other shadows: Voldemort from Harry Potter, Sauron from LoTR, and Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty. In Fire, Brigan is the herald, because he is the one who convinces her to accompany him to King’s City. They are the ones who provide a new way of looking at the situation and offer a different point of view often causing conflict/confusion for the Hero. I would also decide upon distinct personal archetypes for each character in your book as well. HOW TO WRITE A STRONG DIALOGUE WHICH IS MEMORABLE & REALISTIC. The Herald is the character, or something else such as an item or event, that signifies that something is about to change for the hero. The shapeshifter is the character that changes. ; “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”). He also alerts him to the opening of the chamber of secrets, and the continued battle with the previously introduced villain, Voldemort. Harry Potter was literally a piece of him that he didn’t mean to create. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. They exist as concepts, inanimate objects, and human characters alike, Examples include Mr. Slugworth in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Inigo Montoya and Miracle Max in The Princess Bride, Walter Peck in Ghostbusters, and Cerberus, the three-headed dog that guards the Underworld, particularly in the case of the Orpheus and Eurydice myth. The herald appears near the beginning to announce the need for change in the hero’s life. HERO: Hero is the audience’s way into the story. They give Hero something to fight against, something to overcome. While you don’t have to include each one, I would include as many as you can. The adventure might be too difficult for one person to overcome and the ally helps the hero succeed by providing something the hero lacks, such as knowledge, a distraction, or just an extra pair of hands. They create conflict, challenge the Hero and give them a reason to improve and change. Harry Potter can be characterized not only as the Hero to save the world from the evil as a result of his journey but also as the Persona to understand his spirit and nature of the wizard with references to Carl Jung’s classification (Guerin et al. The audience wants the hero to succeed. All 8 of these archetypes serve a different purpose and enrich the story in their own way. Examples: Donkey (Shrek), Dobby (Harry Potter), and Mushu (Mulan). We know authors love the Shapeshifter archetype because the character appears in sequels too– think Polyjuice Potion in subsequent Harry Potter novels and the werewolves in the Twilight Saga. In order to understand the archetype’s role better and provide continuity in explanation, examples will be provided for each archetype from Harry Potter Series (J.K Rowling, 1997-2007).

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