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| December 10, 2020

Please remember that the submission of any material is governed by our, A light touch: Bing Thom’s Library in Canada, Vancouver, Canada – The anti-design Winter Olympics, Montreal, Canada – Exhibitionism: To ‘show’ or to ‘tell’ architecture that is the question, Bloc 10 Housing, Winnipeg, Canada by 5468796, 62M condominium apartments in Canada by 5468796 Architecture, Square the circle: Green Square Library in Sydney, Australia by Stewart Hollenstein in association with Stewart Architecture. 3rd Floor Plan What Bing Thom Architects has achieved here with light might best be thought of in acoustical terms − finding a balance between liveliness and resonance in illumination. Jul 19, 2012 - The Bing Thom-designed Surrey Central Library is ready for its reveal. PROJECT Surrey City Centre Library 10350 University Drive (604) 598-7420 The library advises that readers under the age of 14, those who wear heels and those who aren't fit for hiking should avoid the book mountain. The main reading rooms are set along the large windows lining the east elevation, allowing morning heating and views to the new Surrey City Hall and civic plaza, currently under construction. Works, Bing Thom Resource Information The item Works, Bing Thom represents a specific, individual, material embodiment of a distinct intellectual or artistic creation found in Calgary Public Library . Surrey, BC – Construction has started and footings are being poured for the new Surrey City Centre Library, Natural light is diffused from a large oculus in the roof and bounced and buffered through soffits and angled balustrades into the interior. Standard 1.2 x 2.4m sheets of light plywood were set diagonally on the inside of PERI’s flying formwork. In their fearless storytelling, independent critical voices explore the forces that shape the homes, cities and places we inhabit. The Perfect Fit: 7 Considerations to Make When Choosing Bathroom Vanities. Surrey is a multi-nodal postwar suburb previously without a centre, but whose population will exceed Vancouver’s in two decades, and where one third of its citizens are under 19, prime time for library use. Contact us at Providing a casual environment was a key concern during the design process. BING NZ/US, AUGUST 02, 2013 | Bing Wallpaper. 27.11.2011 - Free weblog publishing tool from Google, for sharing text, photos and video. Imagen 4 de 17 de la galería de Biblioteca Municipal de Surrey / Bing Thom Architects. Buildings old and new are chosen as prisms through which arguments and broader narratives are constructed. “The exterior concrete structure was carefully detailed as the final surface, thereby eliminating the need for expensive building cladding,” the firm added. Visit our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to learn more. The rooms are a mixture of bright and open “high” spaces and more intimate “low” zones, which accommodate book stacks and individual activities such as studying and writing. It was opened in September 2011 and replaced the Whalley Public Library. Beginning with Saint-Denis, Abbot Suger’s medieval doctrine of lux continua, the integration of light into public buildings has served symbolic as well as practical purposes, but lately it has been reduced to yet one more interchangeable item on energy management checklists. El certificado de oro LEED ®, para la Biblioteca Municipal marca la primera fase de una importante inversión cívica en la transformación de la ciudad de Surrey.Con grandes avances en la información electrónica, fácilmente disponible, el papel de las bibliotecas está cambiando y la colección de libros ya no es el foco central. The LEED® Gold Certified Surrey City Centre Library marks the next phase of a major civic investment in the transformation of downtown Surrey. Watch Queue Queue Day-lighting has been reduced to a dismal science. The new Surrey City Centre Library, designed by Vancouver-based Bing Thom Architects (BTA), is set to open on September 24, 2011. Like many of Hadid’s projects of the past two decades, the Surrey library boasts unconventional applications of cast concrete, with bold cantilevers and angled walls. Today, Daylight and books are often regarded as incompatible, but this library in Metro Vancouver is a poetic and scientific sculpting of light that animates a dramatic interior. In terms of how this all manifests architecturally, the glib line passed around by Thom’s local peers is that the Surrey Library is ‘Zaha Hadid on the outside, Guggenheim Museum on the inside’. Bing Thom Architects has completed a library near Vancouver featuring angled concrete walls, curved windows and a pointy corner that resembles a ship's bow … The best that can be said of this is that it functions as a bland brass setting for the prismatic facets of Thom’s gem-like conception. Wide stairs double as seating areas. Governor General. ... Bing Thom Architects and HH Design. Jul 31, 2016 - Bing Thom Architects has completed a library near Vancouver featuring angled concrete walls, curved windows and a pointy corner that resembles a ship's bow 667 x 1000 jpeg 171kB. Thom is convinced that these techniques netted superior suggestions from a wider variety of citizens: ‘This is a city of young working families who do not have time to go out to evening open house consultations.’. Bing Wing Thom (en chino: 譚秉榮; Hong Kong, 8 de diciembre de 1940-4 de octubre de 2016) [1] fue un arquitecto y urbanista canadiense.. Emigró con su familia a … With advances in easily available electronic information, the role of libraries is changing … With its central skylight, and banded rings of balustrades flanking an atrium, the library’s interior at first recalls the Guggenheim’s ramp-circled central interior. The new library is imaginatively shaped around its day-lighting strategy. Though only half the library’s elevations are glazed, the building feels light and permeable, as glazing is deployed to maximum effect. This video is unavailable. Projects Built Projects Selected Projects Cultural Architecture Library Surrey Canada Published on June 08, 2016 Cite: "Surrey City Centre Library / Bing Thom Architects" 08 Jun 2016. By using our site, you agree to our use of cookies. Bing Thom Architects has completed a library near Vancouver featuring angled concrete walls, curved windows and a pointy corner that resembles a ship’s bow (+ slideshow). “BTA developed a social media strategy using blogs, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr to engage the community in the design of the building, encouraging the public to post comments and photos,” the team said. The Surrey City Centre Library is the main branch of the public library system in Surrey, a suburban city about 50 kilometres southeast of downtown Vancouver. There is an angled reflector around the north rim of the oculus ring, directing light back into reading areas, but only five per cent of the roof’s area is open to the sky vault above, in order to minimise night-time energy loss in this temperate climate zone. Since 1896, The Architectural Review has scoured the globe for architecture that challenges and inspires. . The firm worked with the city’s librarians to develop a social media strategy that engaged the community in the design process. A crucial strategy employed here was to admit very little direct sunlight into the CAD$26.5 million (£17 million) library − light here is bounced, buffered, diverted and diffused. 8 High-Tech Gadgets to Have Around in Your Kitchen: Is It Time to Freshen Things Up? The city’s transformation began with the Bing Thom Architects-designed Surrey Central City (AR September 2003), a hugely ambitious example of the hybridity of building programme, construction palette and formal typologies that have become the hallmark of recent ‘Vancouverism’. Wallpaper Archives - WallpaperSafari. “The building design evolved out of the need to provide a space for reading, studying, and above all, gathering as a community,” said the firm. A different device is used along the curving west elevation, which follows the alignment of University Avenue. What Bing Thom Architects has achieved here with light might best be thought of in acoustical terms − finding a balance between liveliness and resonance in illumination. Surrey, British Columbia. Thom shares credit for the library’s design success with Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts, a proponent of what will soon be metropolitan Vancouver’s second most important urban hub. Related story: AIA announces seven winners of library design awards. The new library is but four blocks north of the previous Bing Thom Architects’ design, but separated from it by a long-standing rag-tag recreation aggregation of pool, ice arena, gyms and the like. They also designed the entrance to feature clear sight lines, allowing visitors to quickly get oriented once inside the facility. Bing Thom Architects’ Concept for the New City Centre Library | The Surrey City Centre Library Blog. Surrey Central City is equally renowned for its innovations in timber construction, achieved with frequent collaborators Gerald Epp and Paul Fast, who are also engineers for the new library. Part of a re-vitalization project for the City Centre area, the building was designed by late Bing Thom. Encompassing 82,000 square feet (7,618 metres), the building’s programme includes multipurpose rooms, a cafeteria, a children’s zone and a “world languages area,” with books printed in more than a dozen languages. But it must be said this quality of light is achieved by very generous floor-to-floor heights and a large atrium − the net-to-gross ratio of usable spaces for the building is fairly low, and seating there has been packed since its opening last September. The team incorporated expansive areas of glazing, ensuring plenty of light enters the building. by Bing Thom is the subject of a new full-color book by Princeton Architectural Press. For energy conservation reasons only a net 50 per cent of the library’s elevation areas are glazed, but strategically deployed for maximum effect − 80 per cent glass in walls oriented east (with its plaza view and desired morning heating potentials), but only 20 per cent on the west (with its late-day glare and unwanted afternoon-heating problems). The new library is but four blocks north of the previous Bing Thom Architects’ design, but separated from it by a long-standing rag-tag recreation aggregation of pool, ice arena, gyms and the like. The Surrey Library needed to be delivered under a tight design and construction schedule so that its civic owners could take advantage of a temporary federal funding programme for so-called ‘shovel ready’ urban infrastructure projects. A second look reveals the library as more nuanced and deflected by light and site concerns than Wright’s singular obsession for the ramp-flanked exhibition of art. Lysiane-Marie | LINES MANNER. Surrey City Centre Library Surrey, BC. Completed in 2011, the four-storey library replaced an outdated facility and marked an important phase of “a major civic investment in the transformation of downtown Surrey,” said Bing Thom Architects, a Vancouver-based firm founded in 1982. Architects have come to view natural light as a generic commodity, not a precious animator of architectural form. Jennifer Hagler, by The building’s sculptural form consists of concrete walls that partly slope inward, providing visual interest while also minimising solar heat gain. This may explain why Thom’s new library leans so assertively out over the sidewalks along University Avenue − it’s as if the building is straining for a glimpse of its mother building, an infant arching up and out of the pram to reconnect with her parent building. Descripción de los arquitectos. Surrey’s city hall is a vastly less accomplished building, designed in a joint venture between Kasian’s Vancouver branch and Toronto’s office of Moriyama and Teshima Architects.

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