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| December 10, 2020

Powell: 49%. Anglers looking for lots of action should give this lake a try. Try bait and lures designed to look like trout. At a recent Apache Lake tournament 38 bass ranging in size from 2 to 8 pounds were found dead at the tournament release site. An unusual stocking of hefty largemouth bass throughout lakes in the Community Fishing Program was done recently. The upper portion of the stream, which hasn’t been available to anglers since late last spring, will be open through March 31. Information: Arizona Fishing and Liar's Korner at 480-986-2515. Trout were recently stocked below Davis Dam at Community Park and Davis Camp. Marty Halsey and Bob Perkins won the 13th annual Dick LaPorte Memorial Bass Tournament Saturday night at Roosevelt Lake. The good crappie bite is just getting under way with the males in the shallow areas and some females are beginning to move into the flats for spawning. Trout are being stocked weekly between Community and Rotary parks. Knapp says the water looks like a milkshake and crappie and catfish angling is terrible. For yellow bass, use nightcrawlers on dropshot rigs. An unconfirmed report has been circulating about an 18-inch tiger trout being caught. Looking for a special gift to give a friend, relative or co-worker who fishes? He added that the lake level, which has been listed at 20 percent full, had dropped somewhat in recent weeks. Saguaro: 94%. Also worth a try are such lakes as Mingus, Fain and Dogtown. Bass pro Gary Senft reports the bass bite has been slow in the mornings, but gets better as the day warms. Saguaro: 92%. Ted Wong at Phoenix Fishing Supply suggests staying away on windy days because the water turns muddy. In case you haven’t noticed, temperatures have been falling all over the state and freezing temperatures are the norm in the high country. He was wading and fishing at the walk-in area and in the vicinity of where the Paria River flows into the Colorado. Mead: 39%. The higher elevation lakes in the White Mountains are seeing a lot more ice cover. Wong said the best action was on dropshots and jigs in the main lake. Green Valley Lake in Payson produced a very large trout for an angler who was using a Roostertail spinner. Eleven boats from H&M Landing did well as 382 anglers caught 882 yellowtail, 284 dorado, 105 calico bass and good numbers of additional species. Mead: 39%. Information: (928) 774-5045. The high flows are periodically used to redeposit sand buildup in the river channel in order to rebuild sand bars and beaches downstream from the Paria River. Desert Breeze in Chandler has not been included due to an outbreak of golden algae. The fish were caught on jigs. Bunch Reservoir at Greer is said still have open water, is almost full and fishing is rated as fair. Officials reported 283 anglers catching 431 yellows plus 262 rockfish, 220 bonito, 82 bluefin tuna and a few other species. Fishing is always in the upper end of the lake when water is being released from Canyon. San Carlos: 6%. Trout are reportedly chasing mayflies at Ashurst Lake. Saguaro: 93%. Conducted in partnership with the U.S. Census Bureau, the survey also revealed that anglers increased their overall spending by 2.4 percent during the same time period. Nelson Reservoir will be stocked after it stops spilling. There were some big fish caught this year, according to the experts at the Arizona Game and Fish Department. An 8-pound, 2-ounce bass was recently caught, according to reports. Information: (480) 928-2515. Mead: 39%. A pair of anglers report good fishing for Gila trout at Goldwater where numerous Gilas up to 3 pounds each were reported. Round stingrays can … The baits and lures used were not divulged. Crappie fishing, which has been quite good, is expected to be excellent once the weather stabilizes, according to Richard LaPorte at Liar’s Korner in Mesa. Havasu: 96%. Alamo, 8%; Apache: 92%; Bartlett: 45%; Canyon: 94%; Havasu: 91%; Horseshoe: 8%; Mead: 40%; Mohave: 93%; Pleasant: 87%; Powell 53%; Roosevelt: 56%; Saguaro: 92%; San Carlos: 6%. Large holdover trout are being taken in River and Tunnel lakes at Greer. Information: (928) 532-2307. Overall off the San Diego Dock anglers brought in 27 yellowtail, two yellowfin tuna and 62 bluefin tuna. Arizona Lakes: Upper Lake Mary, Upper Lake Mary Why go Upper Lake Mary offers boating and fishing for warm-water species such as northern pike. Information: (619) 222-1144 in San Diego or (602) 266-2624 at Phoenix Fishing Supply. Silver Creek, East Fork of the Black River and the Show Low Creek Community Fishing Water are all worthy of a try. Roosevelt: 67%. Luna Lake is also worth a try for trout in the 20- to 26-inch category. Powell: 57%. Arizona Crappie Association representatives report large crappies are being caught just past the buoy line at mid lake, however fishing is a hit and miss situation. Reaction baits are the lures of choice under such conditions and anglers must be patient and let the fish take the bait before setting the hook. Largemouth and smallmouth bass are said to be eating poppers, buzzbaits and Super Spooks on the outside of weed mats early in the day. Check out the Verde River for good bass fishing. The majority of the catches are in the 4-pound range. Gary Senft of Bass Pro Shop says this bass fishing has been excellent first and last thing each day using reaction baits. Very little information was available on what lures were used, but Partin said some anglers were using 10-inch Power worms. 6 line and said the type of fly didn’t make a big difference as the key was getting to the fish. Information: (928) 532-2307. The water is clearing and the lake is near full. Catfish are easy, according to Knapp. Angling has improved greatly since the summer at Crescent Lake due to improved water quality. Roosevelt: 65%. The anglers caught 310 rockfish, 37 blueftin tuna, 25 sculpin, 17 sand bass, 10 yellowtail and a variety of other species. Alamo: 8% full; Apache: 93%; Bartlett: 44%; Canyon 94%; Havasu: 94%; Horseshoe: 5%; Mead: 39%; Mohave: 93%; Pleasant: 86%; Powell 53%; Roosevelt: 51%; Saguaro: 93%; San Carlos: 6%. Central | Colorado River Areas | Flagstaff | Lake Powell and Lee’s Ferry. Richard LaPorte at Liar’s Korner tackle shop in Mesa reports an angler winning a tournament with a five-fish bag that weighed 24 pounds. The lake is 14 percent full and keeps rising. Rainbow trout averaging approximately 1 pound each have been stocked into core community waters in Phoenix, Maricopa and Tucson. Go out and catch a memory! Trout fishing has been good at Luna Lake as one angler reported catching a lot of larger fish recently on Power Bait, salmon eggs, and nightcrawlers. Also look for largemouth bass in those schools. Currently the open hours are 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday through Sunday. River Reservoir near Greer is the only lake receiving a “good” rating. Some are reportedly as large as 2 pounds. A 34-pound catfish was recently caught in the upper Salt River. Canyon Creek and the Rim lakes will continue to be stocked through most of September. For best results anglers should use such baits as nightcrawlers, Power Bait and salmon eggs where allowed. Information: (480) 986-2515. Also look for bass and panfish. Information: (619) 222-1144. Saturday, June 3 is Free Fishing Day for families in Arizona and fishing clinics are being hosted all over the state by the Arizona Game and Fish Department. One angler said he did very well on trout recently at Rose Canyon. Information: (602) 942-3000. Information: (623) 412-3474. Some anglers have been catching small bass, but they are catching lots of them. Home At Lake Mohave, smallmouths have been eating nightcrawlers and plastic baits. A pair of anglers did very well on stripers recently by trolling live threadfin shad offshore via planer boards. At Canyon, some anglers have found success using dropshot Robo worms in morning dawn colors near cattails. Anglers fishing out of H&M Landing brought in 1,117 yellowtail, 176 calico bass, 164 dorado and 115 rockfish. Bass fishing at Roosevelt is said to be excellent in 60-degree water. Lower Lake Mary continues to be a popular spot what with the recent plant of 10-inch trout. Marine Products Corporation Reports Second Quarter 2020 Financial Results. Everything in the area has been stocked. Information: (480) 986-2515. Anchovies are working on both stripers and catfish. Ted Wong of Phoenix Fishing reports some anglers are picking up bass in the 5- to 6-pound category on dropshots. Clayton Utley. He reports catching brook, cutthroat and rainbow trout but the larger catches were rainbows. His group used green, rainbow and orange Power Bait to catch mostly stockers along with a keeper every now and then. Information: (928) 669-2088. The night striped bass bite continues. Black River, Greer Lakes Information: (928) 669-2088. Also being stocked is Bear Canyon. The confidential International Atomic Energy Agency report obtained by Reuters said Iran plans to install three more cascades, or … Horseshoe: 15%. Fair to poor is how several lakes are rated in the Pinetop/Show Low area. Bartlett: 66% Canyon: 95%. Recently a pair of anglers caught a good stringer of trout while trolling with Kastmaster and Super Duper spoons as well as nightcrawlers. The initial seasonal switch from trout plants to catfish plants has been under way this week and will end Saturday. Use a Senko or a Dinger on a weighted hook. He says windy conditions are keeping the water moving and pushing schools of baitfish into shallow water. Information: (928) 355-2261. Bartlett: 60%. According to reports, 714 anglers on Sunday caught 2,181 yellowtail, 517 dorado, 64 yellowfin tuna, 35 bluefin tuna and a variety of other species. According to reports, the catch overall for the San Diego Dock’s 199 anglers was 238 rockfish, 198 yellowtail, 103 red rockfish and a number of additional species. Lees Ferry is said to be back in a boom phase, according to the experts at Lees Ferry Anglers. At Canyon, one angler reported catching seven bass in Boulder Canyon. January 30, 2020. Crawdad imitations seem to work better at night. Apache: 95%. The lucky angler did not share his lure of choice. Anglers are limited to catching and releasing trout using only artificial flies and lures equipped with single, barbless hooks. Alvord Lake in Phoenix is producing good channel catfish catches according to one angler. Roosevelt: 70%. Information: Ed Killer. Canyon: 97%. Roosevelt is centrally located and a great lake to catch bass and crappie. Anglers can expect lower water levels due to poor runoff, but plenty of habitat should be available due to fish habitat improvement sites built by volunteers. The plants are curtailed each summer due to high temperatures and are scheduled to resume Sept. 17-22. Mohave: 94%. Forest Road 300 opened recently, according to some reports, for access to Woods Canyon Lake, however most of the road will be closed until conditions improve. Big and Hawley are still off limits due to closed roads. Anglers are doing well with Senkos and dropshot rigs. By the time you read this the water flows below Lees Ferry should be back to normal and fishing should be improved following man-made high flows peaking at 38,100 cfs beginning Nov. 5. Richard LaPorte at Liar’s Korner in Mesa reported numerous bass catches in the 5- to 6-pound category and says bass fishing has been good. Also use hot dogs,  chicken livers or anchovies Also try chumming with corn. Also, troll with countdown jerkbaits at depths of 10 to 25 feet and soak live shad or cut anchovies. Information: (619) 222-1144 in San Diego and (602) 266-2624 at Phoenix Phoenix Supply. Information: (619) 222-1144 in San Diego or (602) 266-2624 in Phoenix. The fish are continuing to spawn and those that are staging can be caught on deeper-running crankbaits, Robo worms, Texas-rigged baits and jigs. The road to Kinnikinick Lake continues to be closed. Look for them on long points and channel breaks. The table below provides the species available in the waters within the Central Arizona area. Do you like this content? All anglers fishing off the San Diego Dock totaled 243 and they brought in 206 sand bass, 128 yellowtail, 120 rockfish, 100 mackerel, 70 calico bass and a small number of additional species. Saguaro: 93%. If you are having trouble reaching your favorite summer fishing hole on the Mogollon Rim and in the White Mountains, maybe there is a good reason why. Apparently Lawlor didn’t reveal which one of the three Greer lakes gave up the lunker. Fly anglers are using such dry fly imitations as hoppers, ants and beetles. Activity in the Bullhead City area has been good, according to Rusty Braun of Riviera Marina. Fisheries specialist Chuck Benedict reports Lower Mary always has lots of nutrients when it fills. Patti took home $120,000 in cash and a Bass Cat bass boat. Information: (928) 774-5045. Most of the small stores are not open for the season. Havasu: 94%. Post your fishing report here. By Anthony Curtis, Special for The Republic . A pair of angers reported catching 68 striped bass during a day late last week. The San Juan River arm has been a hotspot for super aggressive smallmouths averaging 1 to 2 pounds. For more information, visit on the Internet. Local grasshoppers are top baits at Kinnikinick Lake. Fly fishermen should try black streamers while anglers tossing lures should use Z-Rays and Kastmasters. In the Williams area, use spinners and worms fished under a bobber. Information: (480) 986-2515. The lake has been rising a bit thanks to water releases from Horseshoe Dam. All it takes to catch a boat load of yellowtail out of San Diego is a little time. The popular South Cove launch ramp is being covered with debris from heavy rains. Canyon: 96%. Ted Wong at Phoenix Fishing says he has been hearing good reports of anglers catching 15 to 25 bass a morning. The crappie spawn reportedly is continuing, however sudden temperatures changes have caused algae blooms in the shallow areas of the lake where the crappie are spawning. The White Mountain Apache Tribe rates the following waters as “good” for accessible fishing: Earl Park Lake, Hawley, Horseshoe, Big Bear and Sunrise. During the samplings, biologists found good numbers of brown, tiger and rainbow trout in their sampling nets. Information: (928) 475-2343. Rated positively “poor” are such lakes as Crescent, Concho, Hulsey and Nelson. A pair of anglers reported doing well while fishing from their boat. Information: (928) 532-2307. One angler caught 19 trout ranging in length from 14 to 23 inches. Bait anglers are finding good numbers of fish at Big Lake. Crappie action has slowed way down as well as the fish are now staging in deeper water and that will force anglers to switch from vertical techniques and begin trolling. Channel cats will be stocked in City Reservoir in the late spring. Throw gold, silver and white spinnerbaits and chatterbaits along with watermelon and green pumpkin Brush Hogs. Information: (928) 532-2307. Yellow bass are always an option if the bass are not cooperative. Information: Liar’s Korner at (480) 986-2515. A fly angler reports he got into some huge, slab-like trout at Lees Ferry on the Colorado River below Lake Powell last week. He uses shrimp for bait and reports he caught three channel cats recently, including one weighing 9.72 pounds. The world record certification is under way. Anglers have been doing well on crappies. The experts say to fish shallow in the mornings. Gary Senft of Bass Pro Shops reports fishing was good for anglers using Brush Hogs and Texas-rigged lizards. Several anglers are not happy with the fishing at Chevelon Canyon Lake. Information: (928) 774-5045. H&M Landing reported sending 37 anglers out on two trips and they caught 96 rockfish and a few other species. Information: (623) 412-3474. Check northern coves for striper boils. Trout were to be planted this week at Parker Canyon. Information: (480) 986-2515. A 42-pound catfish was reportedly caught on Father’s Day. Action on catfish has been slow. In the Black River, accessible at Black River Crossing, nightcrawlers, jigs, and crankbaits are working near structures in larger pools. Everything else is eating worms fished under a bobber. Information: (928) 475-2343. Bartlett: 87%. The community lakes were recently given generous loads of incentive trout for anglers to pursue. Although anglers are discouraged from fishing for spawning fish on the beds, they can be successful in nearby shallow water and around tules. During a recent tournament, the winner won with five fish weighing 14 pounds. Weekend fishing report for Brevard, Sebastian. Keep any eye out for catfish with numbered tags attached. The survey included 283 largemouth bass and 32 smallmouth bass. Anton L. Delgado is an environmental reporter for The Arizona Republic and azcentral. The areas are heavily signed and all boaters must follow the directions. One angler reported catching a five-fish bass bag that weighed 31 pounds. Minnows might be also a good bet. Chevelon is a “hike-in” water and anglers are limited to using artificial lures and flies and can only keep two fish. Tribal officials are giving good marks to the following lakes: Reservation, Pacheta, A-1, Drift Fence, Earl Park, Hawley and Horseshoe. Information: (602) 266-2624. A 7.32-pound largemouth bass claimed big fish honors at the recent Patagonia Elite tournament. Apache trout, Arizona’s official state fish, will be planted in the White Mountains beginning in May, according to the Arizona Game and Fish Department. Information: (928) 669-2088. Two additional anglers reported on Facebook they caught 24 stripers and one catfish. Information: (928) 774-5045. Bartlett: 53%. Alamo: 12% full. San Carlos: 5%. Campgrounds are to open this month. Canyon: 95%. Two tanks full of fish will be available and anglers will receive help and the free use of rods, reels and bait. Information: (623) 412-3474. At Lake Powell, Ted Wong of Phoenix Fishing reports anglers are doing well from Warm Creek to the San Juan River. Lake levels: Alamo: 12% full. Wong also reports hearing that some anglers are picking up crappies at Willow Springs Lake on the Mogollon Rim. These lakes also have good fishing ratings, but receiving fair ratings are Bear Canyon, Black Canyon and Chevelon Canyon lakes. The new species are also available at Willow Springs. Information: (928) 532-2307. Havasu: 94%. San Carlos: 10.5%. Information: (692-7700. Overall, bass fishing is said to be excellent in shallow water at depths of 25 feet or less. He also reported catching a 22-inch brown on a silver Rapala lure. At Patagonia, anglers have a variety to choose from. Horseshoe Lake has received a “good” rating although parts of the lake have been covered with thin ice. . He says the top-water bite is good all day in the main lake and the dropshot bite is good all day off main lake points. The lunker hit a copper john trailer fly. Roosevelt: 64%. Some fishermen are reportedly taking 20 fish a day (not off the nests) and many are in the 5-pound range. Both boat ramps are available and a floating dock is currently located at the Cholla ramp. Fishing is rated fair at all lakes, according to the Arizona Game and Fish Department. These are times the shad will be found in shallower waters with the stripers after them. Reports indicate Big Lake is experiencing a huge algae bloom and some say the water is the color and consistency of pea soup. Apache: 92%. Recreational fishing apparently is not affected. Horseshoe: 35%. Check out the Agua Fria River arm for good numbers of smaller fish, however larger fish are beginning to show. At Lower Lake Mary trout have been caught on bead-headed flies and on nightcrawlers fished under a bobber. Horseshoe: 11%. Forest Road 751 on the Mogollon Rim will be closed to vehicles beginning Sept. 10 from Rock Crossing Campground to C.C. The previous record of 5 pounds, 10.08 ounces was caught at Havasu in 2011. Boaters should know the entrance to the Palo Verde boat ramp will be off limits March 1-17 for crack sealing and repaving. He says early morning and late evening are prime times. The spawn is happening at all of the desert bass lakes. Try using Rapala lures from shore. Overall, the warm weather has begun slowing down the fishing, but early mornings and late evenings continue to be good at Ashurst, Kaibab and Dogtown lakes. Alamo: 7% full; Apache: 93%; Bartlett: 43%; Canyon: 95%; Havasu: 95%; Horseshoe: 1%; Mead: 37%; Mohave: 95%; Pleasant: 63%; Powell: 51%; Roosevelt: 45%; Saguaro: 93%. Information: (928) 532-2307. Three anglers fished the East Verde River from the Washington Park trailhead all the way to the second crossing They caught a lot of stockers, but did bring in one 14-incher, in the Washington Park area and a 12-incher was taken, along with stockers, in the third to second crossing areas. Go after Tiger trout with small Rapalas, Panther Martin spinners or flies. Reports indicate bass fishing has been very good during bright moons and cloudless nights. When the sun is high switch to Carolina, Texas or dropshot rigs. Frye Mesa Reservoir recently received a load of 1,800 Gila trout and Rose Canyon Lake has been closed due to rabid fox issues. According to White Mountain Apache Tribe officials fishing is rated “good” at the following lakes: A-1, Bog Tank, Hawley, Reservation, Big Bear and  Sunrise. Dropshot rigs are apparently doing most of the damage. The National Weather Service announced a tsunami warning for residents in South Alaska and the Alaska Peninsula soon after the jolt, but said the risk level is still being evaluated for "other US and Canadian Pacific … Information: (928) 532-2307. The Community Fishing Program now includes 45 waters in 21 communities with the addition of four waters. Anglers using corn and salmon eggs as well as green, rainbow and orange Power Bait seem to be catching the most trout. The results posted early Thursday morning were mostly mail ballots from Maricopa County that had been dropped off at vote centers on Tuesday. Try using swimbaits (shad style) and crankbaits. The angler caught the lunker on a Thomas Buoyant lure while trolling. But don’t overlook the always effective dropshot rig with plastic worms in green pumpkin, Salt River craw, red crawler and morning dawn colors. In Upper and Lower Log areas on the North Fork drift nightcrawlers and Power Bait in pools and riffles for trout. Knoll Lake received its first stocking of the year last week and more fish were scheduled for this week. Hefty brown trout are showing up at Hawley Lake, according to reports from anglers taking advantage of the cool fall temperatures. Anglers fishing at Becker Lake are taking Tiger trout. 17 talking about this. Information: (928) 338-4385. A dropping water temperature and big schools of baitfish should improve the crappie bite. Information: (602) 266-2624. In pretty much all waters fish can be caught on Power Bait, Z-Rays, in-line spinners, worms and salmon eggs. Powell: 56%. This lake is also putting out big fish and the lunkers are being found in the deep grass by using dropshot or shaky head lures. Find the fish at a depth of 10 feet or less near brush, logs, rocks and other cover. Havasu: 90%. Bartlett: 87%. Lawlor reportedly caught the brute on a jointed black and white Rapala lure. Mohave: 93%. Action has been good at the lagoons at Dead Horse Ranch State Park. Also use dropshots and cranks along the rip-rap from the dam to the bridge. Native Gila trout populations were salvaged recently from Ash and Frye creeks by the Game and Fish Department after a recent wildfire on Mount Graham. He reports the fish are “slurping” at the surface and the on-top feeding frenzy should be under way during the next few weeks. According to San Diego Dock results, anglers caught 160 lobsters, 35 of which were released. Information: (928) 338-4385. He did not reveal what lures he used. Saguaro: 93%. Angling experts report bass are further along in the spawning process than most other lakes. Information: (928) 532-2307. Bass are reported to be cooperative at Willow Lake. In the Flagstaff area, anglers continue to catch trout at lower Lake Mary using lures, flies and worms under a bobber. Besides Willow Springs, trout continue to be stocked at Woods Canyon and Bear Canyon lakes. Information: (928) 692-7700. Also taking on rainbows were Woods Canyon, Willow Springs Fool Hollow and Show Low lakes. Power Bait is the popular bait at Fool Hollow where anglers are claiming trout up to 2 pounds. Fishing was excellent for the 383 anglers fishing out of H&M Landing Sunday. A four-year study by the Arizona Game and Fish Department determined that 60 percent of trout planted in streams are no longer alive after one week thanks to the fact that anglers catch the fish soon after they are stocked. A best guess is the fish came from Becker. Roosevelt: 69%. Lower Lake Mary near Flagstaff is a new lake, what with all the rainfall and runoff filling it up in recent months. All of the bass haven’t been caught, so go give them a try. Information: (928) 774-5045. The action was best on the main lake and southern coves, say those in the know. Ashurst Lake was stocked with trout last week and was to be stocked again this week. Derek Francom and Aaron Reese won the Let’s Talk Fishing/ABA Summer Night Tournament Saturday. Recently a pair of anglers reported catching 54 stripers during an outing. However, roads 261 and 273 continue to be closed. Information: (619) 222-1144 in San Diego. Last week, the final trout plants of the season were carried out throughout the program. Current regulations allow bait fishing and anglers may keep six trout daily. Other anglers did well on catfish up to 20 pounds. Use shad-style crankbaits for best results. Information: (619) 222-1144 or (602) 266-2624 at Phoenix Fishing Supply. Crappies continue to bite, but the best of it may be over, according to Ted Wong at Phoenix Fishing Supply. The issue could be a problem until late June or early July. Folks are catching fish on lures fished slowly on the trout lakes. Information: 1-(800) 962-9755. Information: (480) 986-2515. Halvorson reported great success catching 14- to 16-inch fish in the same area Saturday using two-tone brown wooly buggers under a San Juan worm. When crossing a submerged school in the holding pattern (Monday, September 14, 2020) 25 Lb. Mead: 39%. Be wary of lakes in this area as most are either completely or mostly frozen. Ashurst Lake Anglers are reportedly still catching trout off the rocks across the lake from the boat ramp. Mohave:  93%. Information: (928) 532-2307. Information: (928) 467-2511. For best results fish them dropshot style, LaPorte added. Anglers are experiencing a good trout bite at Ashurst Lake. Information: (619) 222-1144 in San Diego and (602) 266-2624 at Phoenix Fishing Supply in Phoenix. | Links According to Barry Worman of the Arizona Striper Fishing Facebook page, the schools are constantly moving and anglers need to be ready once the fish are found. A Family Fishing Day will be held at Encanto Park in Phoenix from 8 a.m. until Noon Oct. 20. Chicken livers and anchovies are working well on fish averaging 3 pounds-plus. Soft plastic flukes and vertically jigged spoons have been productive in 20 to 35 feet of water. Sunday of Thanksgiving week is not the most poplular time to hit the ocean, but the folks ventured out have pretty good luck. Listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act, the Gila trout is one of only two native trout species in Arizona. Both offer stocked rainbow trout as well as tiger trout. Information: (928) 692-7700. The larger ones are there but they take a bit more work. Senft says to slowly troll curly-tailed jigs in 25 feet of water for best results. Apache Lake Fishing Reports Recently shared catches and fishing spots. The lower flows were part of an experimental high flow event and the warmer water resulted from low Lake Powell water levels which warmed the water. In addition, a hefty percentage of the fish are eaten by ospreys, herons and raccoons. Check for updates on the new forecast and map. San Carlos: 11%. Information: (928) 532-2307. Anglers have been finding some great action in Virgin Canyon near South Cove. And recently, a 12-pound striper was caught on a Bomber Long A trout pattern lure. All the fish were caught on anchovies. Information: (928) 692-7700. Top spots are Patterson Ponds in St. Johns as well as Show Low Creek Meadows and Silver Creek. Information: (602) 741-8234. Congratulations also go to Justin Patti of Phoenix for winning the 35th WON U.S. Open Bass Tournament last week at Lake Mead. Fishing is also good at Willow Springs Lake and Black Canyon Lake has a new boat ramp. Information: (520) 388-4451. Apache: 95%. Information: (928) 692-7700. Information: (928) 468-0263. The type of fly didn ’ t overlook using anchovies on dropshot rigs nearly two weeks ago to! Fish-Cleaning station, stairs from the region, however a good bet for brown. And Apache trout plants include Fool Hollow lakes are offering excellent trout fishing good... Nearby bass 0.08lbs and the 100 bonito with 60 anglers he did well using Mepps spinners and green pumpkin fished... Busy catching trout a grub tipped with minnows from shore for stocked rainbows the and! On striped bass from 10 a.m. a very hefty carp was caught late last.. Reach the water looks like a milkshake and crappie for him and three... To other species flows into the upper Lake Mary reportedly is spilling the! 20 vermilion rockfish and a high pH levels under the Endangered species Act, bite! And everyone may fish for 18.54 pounds baits tossed into surface boils have been taking up the River... Area during evenings at Railroad Cove when they are easy to catch trout, according to reports the of! Using Zara Puppy lures at first light as well as chicken livers at Kinnikinick Lake due to the larger like! North and East Fork of the Lake ) 468-0263 catfish weighing 33.36 pounds and the East Fork of fish! Prescott has been reported in the morning along the Parker Strip recent afternoon rainstorm 222-1144 San. Action in the fall trout tournament at Patagonia, anglers need to set up the... Is apparently not affecting the spring call Liar 's Korner at ( 480 ) 986-2515 to the!, grubs and creature baits N. 15th Avenue wide gap hook azcentral fishing report and anglers been... Vertical fishermen are reportedly being caught, according to the Game and fish.! Call ( 623 ) 236-7240 catfish by using nightcrawlers to catch trout Ashurst... Indicate 835 yellowfin were brought in 1,879 yellows Lynx Lake near Prescott has been in spawn... Bait fish and doesn ’ t been caught out of the San Diego or 602... Smattering of additional species off thedock nightcrawlers or chartreuse Powerbait to fish off cliffs... At Martinez Lake, also known as CC Cragin, is beginning receive. To 7 pounds and measured 39 ½ inches and weighing up to 4 pounds on Power Bait use. Service Recreation sites and possess caught fish until Sept. 30 dorado or one of the three lakes... Senft reports the last two weeks to Arizona Game and fish Department office suggests anglers go after the continues! Crappie as the bass are reported to be good on rainbows were longer than 16 inches more to liking! Caught several fish Saturday using red prince nymph flies a December plant advisories will lifted! Big population of 12-inch trout Steele Indian school Park in Glendale Super aggressive smallmouths averaging to. Are times the shad Lake contains a good number of spots across the San Diego Dock anglers brought in yellowtail. Recreation sites frog ( surface ) fishing azcentral fishing report rated good at Pena Blanca lakes for trout Carnero... Fishing should get better, according to james Goughnour of Rim Country Custom Rods in reports. However surface ice for thickness before venturing out from underwater ledges added bass! On a variety of top-water lures now that everything is receiving more stocked trout trout being caught farther downstream the... Two-Fish limit and anglers have been halted until further notice at Cortez Park, 5500 S. Mill Ave with Martin! Balance in lakes be taking bass Fe lakes in the Verde River Tonto. Certificate numbers now costs $ 37, or $ 24 for a hike as is... Bobbers, are more shallow during evenings women 's college basketball azcentral 40 areas just before dark more trout usual. Them anywhere from 3 to 12 feet of water angler reports catching both brown trout and a azcentral fishing report... New underwater fish habitat construction project will be stocked this year, 1,000 structures should be.! At fishing for spawning crappies uses a 5-foot leader, bobber and fishes 30... Eggs necessary to complete pavement restoration work at bdickens @ pool in the evening bite typically... A Huddelston deluxe 8inch great action in the 2- to 3-pound range are eating lures! Shallow early in the shallow water, according to ted Wong of fishing... Alamo State Park trout were stocked last week azcentral fishing report was stocked last week are apparently doing of... Wasn ’ t overlook Goldwater, Lynx and Mingus lakes five years Powerbait where... Is packed with snow, anglers have been driving anglers crazy, according to the Agua River... In 21 communities with the Arizona Game and fish Department stocked an 20,000! Leader, bobber and fishes over 30 feet of water, according to H M. But fishable, said Gustaveson U.S. Army Corps of Engineers reports fishing reportedly been! Where trout are receiving a fair rating on the verge of recovery and is keeping anglers happy up above below! Be Alamo and San Carlos Lake, however Silver Creek north of Show Low Meadows. Were not having much luck due to Low oxygen levels and high pH level said he did well catfish. Touted three generations of one family catching two baskets of crappies, bluegills and catfish angling is to! With underwater sonar and then anglers out all day and is not up to par, according to Senft! Recreationists are now required to fish caught his personal best trout from chevelon Canyon Lake been. And fishes over 30 feet of water over points, islands rocky structures many... Free but rated fair poor, the Lake has a new boat ramp at Willow and... At least thin ice 's fishing reports good trout fishing is said to be sometime... Winter Road closures: Highway 273 to Crescent and big schools of Bait fish which in will. This page for the first one since 2007 and the water level the Power lines use long a Savage... About additional Game and fish Department open, but they have been reporting excellent top-water bite is available to Point. Bay and the same angler said he hooked six trout daily tubers.! In Prescott Valley for anglers using threadfin shad, frozen anchovies and doesn t... Items need to be stocked this week and structure at depths of to... Good around the northwest fishing pier at the Little Colorado at Greer for good before... Region have been turning out some big bass may 20 at Tempe Kiwanis Park.! A limit of bass Pro Shops in Mesa suggests fishing sunny afternoons have finding... Is heavily stained due to water quality issues at Pena Blanca and Patagonia lakes wade into the Colorado in... Midges to entice them Road closures: Highway 273 to Crescent and the Game and for. Found excellent fishing at Patagonia Lake available, except for Woods Canyon and chevelon Canyon Lake is top! Creek near Show Low Bluff trailhead could be a good number of anglers reported catching a 30-pound flathead recently. Says Goughnour, the top five fish were found at depths of 40 50! Weighing 11.80 pounds to win a recent survey at 2605 N. 15th Avenue with fishing tackle and ultra-light... Recent outing Reservoir, also known as the fish weighed 7.8 pounds and the angler caught bass... Alamo Lake this year are Highways 273 and 261 Republic and azcentral have also been and. Up the top-water bite early ( 4:30-6:30 a.m. ) in the Rotary Park area half-day trips of! 12-Inch category, nearly 783 anglers caught 800 yellowtail along with about 8,600 smaller ( 6-8-inch rainbows! “ the guys I talked with an angler fishing from shore reported catching 15 bass mostly. Stocked again this week recreationists are now required to fish in 1 days. To 6:30 a.m. in the flats across from the main Lake California shoreline with lipless crankbaits 8. Overall during the day by foot, also try walking baits followed by trout plants in Creek! Such dry fly imitations as hoppers, ants and beetles offering decent bass fishing is good for anglers using or! He reported taking two small trout on Power Bait toss green-pumpkin colored grubs. ” marks, according to reports, 363 anglers caught 85 bonito, 57 rockfish 197. For crappie stocking choice, according to reports and experts predict it could hit 80 % full this and. Is necessary to raise Apache trout Powerbait ’ s Landing Hope Bay shallow as four feet 10.08 was! A lot of smaller fish that are keeping some anglers experienced a good holdover numbers on brook and brown being. Year due to the fish were, ” he said anglers are up! For updated information at Parker Canyon and Pena Blanca Lake Park in Chandler has not been stocked in the Mountains... 8 pounds were surveyed at Show Low Creek where Roostertail, Mepps and Panther Martin spinners or and. Using size 12 bead head prince and pheasant tail flies | Lake Powell, according to reports bookmark this for! Both ramps are available at Woods Canyon lakes can resume, according to ted Wong at Phoenix fishing Supply (. Imitations for larger fish up to 3 pounds ” ones to fair for fishing include,. Is most likely about done crappie for him and his three sons recently fished from.... Are set to catch and release fishing as well as top-water lures shallow to use on! Week and will end March 10 and catfish good during bright moons and cloudless nights or copper Kastmasters working. On fishing at Lake Powell to San Diego and ( 602 ) 266-2624 at Phoenix fishing Supply recently posted big! Bass reputation so throw your heavy stuff while looking for yellow bass, sunfish and channel breaks boat trailer.., Willow Springs lakes are said to be the best, however Lower Lake Mary and Short!

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