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Convert Magnesium Mmol To Mg

200 mg/100 g or for analogues to cheese products 600 mg/100 g. non-alcoholic beverages. milk-based drinks. dairy analogue drinks. 80 mg/100 ml. spreadable fat and dressings. 600 mg/100 g. cooking fats. 360 mg/100 ml. breakfast cereals. 500 mg/100 g. bakery products (breads, rolls and sweet biscuits) 200 mg/100 g. nutrition bars/cereal bars. 500.

Furosemide group (n = 32): iv 3 mg.kg −1 6 hourly reduced to 2 mg.kg −1, then 1 mg.kg −1 (if the serum creatinine fell) and stopped when renal function recovered all patients in the study also received dopamine (2 μg.kg −1.min −1) and mannitol 20% 100 ml 6 hourly. the mannitol was stopped on day 3 if the patient remained oliguric..