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Breeding policy - u.p, Crossbreeding with exotic breeds is recognised as major strategy to increase milk production in cattle, while upgrading towards murrah is state of the art in buffalo development.. What the animals we eat looked like before humans began, From giant gm salmon to buffed up belgian blue beef: what the animals we eat looked like before humans began breeding them for food. images show animals before and after humans started breeding them. Aurochs - wikipedia, The aurochs (/ ˈ ɔː r ɒ k s / or / ˈ aʊ r ɒ k s /; pl. aurochs, or rarely aurochsen, aurochses), also urus, ure (bos primigenius), is an extinct species of large wild cattle that inhabited europe, asia, and north africa..

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Cattle - wikipedia, Cattle—colloquially cows—are the most common type of large domesticated ungulates.they are a prominent modern member of the subfamily bovinae, are the most widespread species of the genus bos, and are most commonly classified collectively as bos taurus.. Breeding matters iii – inbreeding vs. line breeding – on, While inbreeding is a form of line-breeding and the two are related, no pun intended, they are different. according to jim lents, owner of the anxiety 4th line of horned hereford cattle in oklahoma, a line not outcrossed since the 1870’s, the difference between inbreeding and line-breeding is the amount of genetic influence any single animal. Cattle - animal welfare institute, Cattle are raised, slaughtered and used to produce milk for the beef, dairy, and veal industries. learn more about dairy cows, calves raised for veal, cows raised for meat, and how they are raised..

Cattle today's everything else board - message index, Cattle today has q & a boards and forums where you can discuss cattle breeds, health problems, beginner problems, feedlot and miscellanous questions with other cattle breeders.. Breeding season at the rocking r ranch - version alpha by, Lubrican's story site is a collection of original erotic fiction, written for an adult audience, having both short and long stories including the genres of young love, incest, first love, and pregnancy.. How cattle are raised - california cattlemens association, How cattle are raised. regardless of the size or type of beef operation they run, one thing that california ranchers have in common is the quality of care these animal stewards provide for their livestock..