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Sharing your legacy: words of advice and encouragement to, Sharing your legacy: words of advice and encouragement to the next generation of school principals the knowledge of thousands of soon-to-retire principals will be lost forever unless we capture it in some way for the next generation of school principals.. Your work matters: a word of encouragement for teachers, What you do matters: a word of encouragement for teachers. piles of grading. irate parents. disrespectful, disinterested students. constant testing and unreasonable requirements. these, and many more things, conspire against teachers and try to bring us down. to discourage us. to make us wonder if we are wasting our time.. Words of encouragement for teachers - principal principles, Words of encouragement for teachers thursday, november 13, 2014 now that you're settled into our classrooms and teaching harder concepts, you might start to feel discouraged..

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Inspirational school principal quotes, quotations, Inspirational school principal quotes - 1. the difference between school and life? in school, you're taught a lesson and then given a test. in life, you're given a test that teaches you a lesson. read more quotes and sayings about inspirational school principal.. Thornton sends words of encouragement to city principals, I had the pleasure of meeting many of you last month at frederick douglass high school. if you were present, you heard my comments about the importance of the role of the principal. i know firsthand of the challenges, workload and joy of being a principal.. A quick word of encouragement to students, from a student, It's that time again. time to face the bad and the good that comes from studying and classes. luckily, you won't be doing it alone; your peers will be there to suffer through it with you, but hopefully this little tidbit will give you some encouragement to start your new school year out with vigor..

Encouragement for christian teachers, Although sharing our faith is not appropriate in a public school setting, we have the privilege and obligation before god to demonstrate the fruit of the spirit when working with our students, their parents, and our co-workers.. How effective principals encourage their teachers - naesp, 50. principal n. january/february 2007 www.naesp.org. i asked them to write down examples of how they demonstrated one of the five . most valued five principal behaviors..

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