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Honoka - wikipedia, Honoka (japanese: 穂花, hepburn: honoka) is a japanese tv personality, actress, writer and former adult video (av) performer who retired from the av industry in 2008. contents 1 life and career. Honoka maki | kiznaiver wikia | fandom powered by wikia, Honoka maki (japanese: 牧穂乃香, romanized: maki honoka) is a main character in the kiznaiver series and is one of the seven main kiznaivers. she resembles the sin of pride . in modern japan, she is known as the 'high-and-mighty'.. Honoka yahagi - wikipedia, Honoka yahagi was born on 7 march 1997 in chiba prefecture, japan. miki was first scouted while visiting disneyland with her family in 2008. in april 2009, she began working as an exclusive model for teen fashion magazine love berry..

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Honoka kosaka | love live! wiki | fandom powered by wikia, Honoka kosaka is the main protagonist of love live!. she is a second-year in otonokizaka high school. her image color is orange, though some people represent her with pink. she is also the leader of printemps, a sub-unit under µ's. her solo album is called honnori honokairo! (ほんのり穂乃果色! lit. Ayukawa | for honor wiki | fandom powered by wikia, The "ayukawa" armour is one of the three rare level armour gear sets for the kensei class (along with the ginkei& konishi sets) for the samurai faction in for honor.. Honoka | koei wiki | fandom powered by wikia, Honoka (ほのか) is a character from the dead or alive series who debuted in dead or alive 5 last round.honoka has been pampered by her grandmother all her life. she has an extreme interest in fighting, and the innate ability to remember and perfectly replicate any fighting technique that she has seen once..

Honoka | kaichou wa maid-sama! wiki | fandom powered by wikia, Honoka (ほのか, honoka) is one of the employes at maid latte along with erika, subaru and misaki ayuzawa. in the epilogue, it’s stated that she developed a romantic relationship on aoi hyōdō and is currently dating him. she is a beautiful young girl with brown eyes and short, peach-colored hair. Ayumi ayukawa | tsugumomo wiki | fandom powered by wikia, Ayumi ayukawa (鮎川あゆみ(あゆかわあゆみ), ayukawa ayumi) is a seventh sigil exorcist at the tsuzura temple. she is a participant in the nine masters tournament, siding with the enslave tsukumogami faction.. Honoka | narutopedia | fandom powered by wikia, Honoka (ホノカ , honoka) was a kunoichi working with the researchers on a remote island. contents[show] background while researchers worked on the ultimate summoning beast, honoka was assigned to restrain the beast using her sealing techniques. however, at some point in time the beast got too.

54 best images about 鮎川穂乃果 on Pinterest | Posts, Photos ...