Which Dog Breed Has The Biggest Knot

What dog breed has the biggest knot - tricdenfeise.myvnc.com, Pigs have some of the largest penises relativebreeding dogs: the tie, male and female dog breeding. but most important is to check your male, and make sure that his penis has gone back inside. her biggest shock was the young dam's initial panic; that would have concerned her.jun 18, 2015 .. What dog breed has the biggest knot? | chacha, The dog breed with the biggest knot is the mastiff. the adult mastiff usually weighs 175-190 pounds.. Which type of canine has the biggest knot? – kgb answers, The mastiff is the biggest breed of dog and can get up to 160 lbs. so it has to have largest 'knot'. tags: mastiff, canine, dog..

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I no its a strange question but what dog has the biggest, I no its a strange question but what dog has the biggest dick , size,knot size and ect. size , knot size and type of dog ryanasksu. dogs. dog behavior;. Biggest dog on this morning shocks with biggest penis in, Viewers got more than they bargained for when one of the world's biggest dogs appeared. follow metro.co.uk on facebook follow metro.co.uk "the dog has a big. How big is a dog knot - answers.com, Depends on the size of the dog.a small dog about the size of a golf ball. a great dane about the size of a soft ball.other size dogs vary with the..

What is a dog's knot - answers.com, What is a dog's knot? save shouldt hurt in less its that big or you did anal if a very long time ago the dogs you have are the domestic breed of.

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