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Israel, jews & the sickness we face - interview with kevin, Israel, jews & the sickness we face - interview with kevin macdonald phd. jewish agenda articles, interviews, kevin macdonald phd interviews, israhell articles. israel, jews & the sickness we face interview with kevin macdonald phd. The qur'an: israel is not for the jews | middle east forum, Editors' preface: who has rights to the land between the mediterranean sea and the jordan river? zionists cite biblical passages in which god awarded. Who will lead after ron paul? | real jew news, 92 comments. brother nathanael june 17, 2012 @ 4:28 pm. dear real jew news family, that’s right. the jews have so much control over america’s political process that it does not matter who wins any election..

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Christopher hitchens's jewish problem - jewish ideas daily, The fact that christopher hitchens has a problem with the jews has been an open secret for years. no one much likes to talk about it, and for various reasons his journalistic peers have remained silent on the subject.. The d.c. region's jewish population has grown so much that, The jewish community in the washington region has grown to nearly 300,000 people, according to a new study of the region’s jews, which paints a complex picture of jews’ involvement in religious institutions and activities. the number of jews in the district and its maryland and virginia suburbs. Post-zionism and the sephardi question | middle east forum, A growing group of jewish israeli professors is challenging the legitimacy of the israeli state from within. many are mizrahim, as the sephardi jews.

Quotes, Moderation / criticism / exposition / exposés david aaronovitch. catholics try, rather unconvincingly, to show how conferring sainthood is different in principle to the pagan apotheosis (the process that made claudius, for instance, into a god), but the distinction doesn't quite wash. …. America's past of human experiments revealed - health, Shocking as it may seem, u.s. government doctors once thought it was fine to experiment on disabled people and prison inmates. such experiments included giving hepatitis to mental patients in connecticut, squirting a pandemic flu virus up the noses of prisoners in maryland, and injecting cancer cells into chronically ill people at a new york hospital.. Yitzhak arad’s paper | defending history, What does israeli holocaust survivor and scholar dr. yitzhak arad think?will there now be a public apology on the prosecutors’ page that still defames him [as pdf] and from the “human rights association”? apologies to israeli citizens rachel margolis and joseph melamed?arad and melamed are heroes of israel’s 1948 war of independence..

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