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(almost) like a prayer supermarket? | elisha, He said: i would like to join the prayer academy but the big problem is that i have no money … please if there is a way you will help me to join the next session please help a brother in need.. Guestbook -, Date: 1/13/2006 - 10:18 am name: dandida kathy parsons email: site: http:// location: nashville, tn, god bless the usa. Laptop does not start. fixing the problem. | laptop repair 101, The laptop appears to be dead. you plug the ac adapter but the leds (power light, hard drive light, battery charge light, etc…) do not light up and the laptop will not react at all if you press on the power button..

How to talk about your job when you're embarrassed by it, I’m throwing this one out to readers to weigh in on. a reader writes: i moved across the country when my spouse had a great opportunity, and have struggled to find meaningful work (i also switched fields)..