The Bizarre Human Beings

10 bizarre human mysteries - listverse, 10 bizarre human mysteries. every so often, we’ll come across strange and inexplicable conditions found in the human body. these are the mysteries science can’t easily debunk, the kinds that defy natural laws and how we’ve come to understand ourselves. there’s always debate concerning these supposed powers.. 10 most bizarre people on earth - oddee, At first glance, it may look as if bhagat had given birth. actually, mehta had removed the mutated body of bhagat’s twin brother from his stomach. bhagat, they discovered, had one of the world’s most bizarre medical conditions — fetus in fetu. it is an extremely rare abnormality that occurs when a fetus gets trapped inside its twin.. 25 weird things humans do every day, and why | live science, Prefer one hand to another. whether you're a leftie or a righty, the fact that you have a dominant hand at all is a bit weird, according to scientists. after all, having two hands with excellent motor skills would be a real boon for humans. one theory about why people have dominant hands has to do with the way the brain processes speech..

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10 strange people with bizarre history - wonderslist, Bizarre people can be found everywhere. some get more recognition than others, to the point of internet celebrity, others not so much. here is a list of ten people with bizarre history to tell, which you seldom hear or read about.. Owel – being human is weird lyrics | genius lyrics, “being human is weird” is the ninth track in owel’s third full-length album paris. the song judges the expectation of what having fun means in today’s society and then how you slowly. 10 strange human beings raised by wild animals!, Description: a feral is one that, for whatever reason, is forced to live without human contact for many years. sometimes these kids are raised by wild animals, like gazelles, or monkeys. these are.

99 quick and fascinating facts about the human body, Human beings are the only animals which can draw straight lines. human skin is completely replaced about 1,000 times during a person’s lifetime. a person who smokes a pack of cigarettes a day is doing the equivalent of drinking half a cup of tar a year.. The 6 most strange things found living within the human body, This will change your life: ***** this will change your life:. Human - wikipedia, Happiness, or the state of being happy, is a human emotional condition. the definition of happiness is a common philosophical topic. some people might define it as the best condition that a human can have—a condition of mental and physical health..

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