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Breastfeeding state laws, Provides a 50 state summary of breastfeeding laws, including an overview of policy topics, recent ncsl publications and other resources.. State family and medical leave laws -, This page contains a chart of state family medical leave laws with provisions similar to the federal flma and parental leave for children's educational activities.. State and local paid sick leave laws - workplace fairness, Workplace fairness is a non-profit organization working to preserve and promote employee rights. this site provides comprehensive information about job rights and employment issues nationally and in all 50 states..

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What is human trafficking? | state of california, California. as codified in the california penal code, anyone who deprives or violates the personal liberty of another with the intent to obtain forced labor or services, procure or sell the individual for commercial sex, or exploit the individual in obscene matter, is guilty of human trafficking.. Slati state information: california -, Government buildings. smoking is prohibited by employees and members of the public inside buildings owned or leased by the state, a county, a city, a city and county, or a california community college district or within 20 feet of a main exit, entrance, or operable window of these buildings.. Discrimination laws in california (2019) - california, The situation i am asking about is regarding not being hired due to a false accusation of sexual harassment. i was a field generalforman working for company a and a journey woman that i laid off for leaving the job site at break to get starbucks had been warned and continue to do so..

Are switchblades legal? knife laws by state | survival life, Federal knife laws by state. getting caught or crossing state lines with an illegal knife or switchblade can lead to serious consequences like fines or even jail time, so it’s important to know your state’s knife laws and the knife laws of any state you may travel to.. Cal/osha - division of occupational safety and health, The division of occupational safety and health (dosh), better known as cal/osha, protects workers from health and safety hazards on the job in almost every workplace in california through its research and standards, enforcement, and consultation programs.. No-fault divorce - wikipedia, No-fault divorce is a divorce in which the dissolution of a marriage does not require a showing of wrongdoing by either party. laws providing for no-fault divorce allow a family court to grant a divorce in response to a petition by either party of the marriage without requiring the petitioner to provide evidence that the defendant has committed a breach of the marital contract..

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