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Helpful tips to keep your baby safe: shaken baby syndrome, Adobe pdf pub. 5004 (52k) in english and spanish. also available in chinese , russian , and arabic . shaken baby syndrome (sbs) is a preventable, acquired traumatic brain injury that is caused by the brain moving back and forth inside the skull and being bumped, bruised or twisted as a result of shaking, jerking and jolting.. Ccei118- shaken baby syndrome - handout -, Define shaken baby syndrome identify the causes of shaken baby syndrome identify the symptoms of shaken baby syndrome identify long-term effects of shaken baby syndrome identify strategies and practices for preventing shaken baby syndrome in the child care setting identify tips for educating parents about shaken baby syndrome references: barr, m.. Shaken baby syndrome education materials | scdhec, Shaken baby syndrome education materials . available through dhec education material library (eml) ml-025546 english/spanish. ml-025546.pdf. physician rx pad for 6-12 months visits. ml-025547 english/spanish for 2 week - 4 month visits. ml-025364 english version ml-025365 spanish version. english: ml-025364.pdf. spanish: ml-025365.pdf.

Shaken baby syndrome video: new parents - spanish, Shaken baby syndrome video: new parents spanish dr. kacica: three seconds is all it takes to change a life forever. most of the time shaken baby syndrome occurs when adults frustrated and angry with children shake them violently. shaken baby syndrome is child abuse. one in four shaken babies die. others are left permanently. Shaken baby syndrome - peacehealth, Shaken baby syndrome never shake a baby – tips for parents and caregivers approximately 1,200 to 1,400 children are injured or killed by shaking a baby every year in the united states.* most of these people could never imagine harming their baby – it was an instantaneous reaction to frustration.. Education & training materials - shaken baby syndrome, Understanding shaken baby syndrome languages: english and spanish item number: brch-und-en/sp price: $0.25 the understanding sbs/aht brochure takes an in depth look at shaken baby syndrome and its effects on an infant. this informational brochure covers injuries, symptoms, long-term effects, perpetrator and victim information, and prevention..

B preventing shaken baby syndrome, “preventing shaken baby syndrome: a guide for health departments and community-based organizations” is a publication of the centers for disease control and prevention, national center for injury prevention and control.. Nebraska dhhs: never, never shake a baby, Every year in this country, thousands of babies and young children suffer from brain damage, blindness or death as a result of shaken baby syndrome. shaken baby syndrome is caused by the shaking of an infant or young child by the shoulder, arms or legs. a single shaking of a baby can cause bleeding in and around the brain..