Scalia Murder

Scalia murder cover-up begins to unravel: intelligence, The scalia murder cover-up is unraveling as credible officials begin to throw their weight behind the questions surroundings his untimely death.. The murder of justice scalia | general sands | usa militia, Remember john poindexter? ⇒ autopsy denied by us corp as tsunami of scalia murder & autopsy articles surface. 12feb2016 – 2pm usa est prior to mass media reports, general sands released notification by usa joint chiefs of staff that scalia was murdered “scalia was murdered. this should bother us more than anything.. Why some people believe scalia was murdered, Following justice antonin scalia’s death on february 13, a former criminal investigator for washington, d.c.’s metropolitan police department named william o. ritchie, took to facebook. “my gut tells me there is something fishy going on in texas,” he wrote..

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Supreme court justice scalia — murdered by a hooker, The resort’s owner, john poindexter, later discovered scalia’s body in the jurist’s $800-a-night hotel suite. the married father of nine was found alone in bed with a pillow over his face. but before scalia's body was discovered, “a mystery woman” was caught on a surveillance camera, the enquirer has been told.. Photo evidence: justice scalia was murdered?!?!, Justice scalia’s death looks more and more like murder. the person who stands most to gain from his death is the muslim fraud in the wh. poindexter is a fool if he thinks obama would ever protect him.. Michael savage: 'was scalia murdered?' -, Scalia, who was appointed to the high court by former president ronald reagan, was the longest-serving justice on the court, having taken his seat on sept. 26, 1986. related stories:.

Wikileaks may have exposed scj antonin scalia murder plot, “if scalia was in fact murdered, it will remain a secret under this current regime and a subsequent clinton presidency. that’s not a conspiracy theory.” however, several other right wing-leaning blogs were not so guarded in their interpretation of the email.. The leading conspiracy theory about antonin scalia’s death, I know scalia was 79 but i hope an autopsy is done to make sure obama didn't have him killed. — royboy (@thequestman) february 13, 2016 when obama nominates another leftist activist justice, it'll be 5-4.. Alex jones: obama murdered justice scalia and donald trump, In an “emergency transmission” to his facebook fans today, conspiracy theorist radio host alex jones floated his suspicions that the late justice antonin scalia was “murdered,” just like conservative activist andrew breitbart. while accusing obama of a litany crimes, including secretly funding isis and blackmailing supreme court justices, jones said that “this is the season of.

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