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Retirement thank you notes and letters - retirement wishes, Retirement wishes thank you. congratulations on your retirement! just don't forget your retirement thank you notes before you collect your first pension payment!. i sincerely hope all your retirement planning has paid off and wish you many happy, healthy years.. so if you've been to a retirement party in your honour, received retirement gifts, your retirement day is looming or may have already. Thank you letter for my boss for approving my leave? - how, Since you want to send a gratitude letter to your employer for approving your loan you can consider that sample below: date: name of the recipient: name of the office: name of the company: company address: gratitude letter dear_____: good day! i am sending you this letter as notification that i was informed that my application for loan has been approved and i just want to say thank you very much.. Culebra fishing reports, February/march2019. lost my outboard end of last month..didn’t owe me anything,14 years and 2800 hrs, but middle of high season is the wrong time to hustle up a new outboard..

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