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35 ways to repurpose cribs (and parts of cribs) - the kim, The crib itself is a convertible style and with the older girls we have used it as a ‘day bed/toddler bed’ by taking off the front rail. it also converts to a full size twin bed (using the back as a headboard) but we have never used it that way.. Get organized: 25 clever ideas for repurposed storage, Stylish storage doesn’t have to come from a store. items found in your attic (or at flea markets) can be repurposed to help cut the clutter.. Transforming a crib into a bench - farm fresh vintage finds, Hi! i am attempting this project with a similar crib. i see in the beginning when you cut the front for the sides the side had no legs on the front, but the finished bend has legs on..

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Think outside the toolbox: 9 new uses for old tools - bob vila, How to's & quick tips; think outside the toolbox: 9 new uses for old tools when it’s finally time for old tools to retire, don’t ship them off to florida.. 10 surprising ways to repurpose a baby crib - life, I see baby cribs at garage sales all the time and had no idea of the possibilities for them! i hope some of these surprisingly clever ideas have inspired you to take your kids’ old crib down out of the attic or hunt for one at your local flea market or recycle center and transform it into something awesome.. Diy on a dime: how to make a toddler loft bed out of an, Transform your old crib into a toddler loft bed with little more than you already have in your garage. i’ve had lots of questions about how to make this toddler loft bed:. the short answer is this: i told my husband, “i’d like it cut about here and here, you know, sort-of like this, and then raise this part up to here and put a ladder here…know what i mean?.

Crib spring drying rack {wash room decor} - a diamond in, Just have to compliment you on your re-purposing creativity! i am cleaning out my parents’ house & preparing for a whole-house sale and hope that the people who come to the sale think like you do :).i actually have an old crib spring and 2 washboards in the sale, so i might print out one of your photos & try to spur their thinking along…. 200 things to throw away % | embracing homemaking, Any old clothes that are unwearable, those socks with holes in them, can all be cut up and put inside a pillowcase, not super tight though, and then sew up the end of the pillowcase and you have a pet pillow.. Stealth wealth: i'm just an ordinary average guy, One fringe benefit that i receive is a look at what sort of articles are popular with my readers. in recent weeks, i featured several articles on something called stealth wealth from bloggers financial samurai, joshua kennon, and justin from root of good.. the stealth wealth posts were consistently fan favorites..

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