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Dog (shapeshifter) transformation - free magic spell, -the protection collar does work as this spell is alot similar to the neko spell. only it protects you from foods that might hurt dogs in any way. (i will put side effects in a different spell sheet marked ''dog spell side effects''). Can a transformation spell turn a human into a dog (11, I think i am turning into a dog because i made a wish but i was fooling around with my friends and got a email sayng that a transfomation spell will be casted on me and because of this i found some things to tell my future and they all say i will turn into a dogtis is 10-15 different future telling things. are transformation spells real. How to turn into a dog real spell? - blurtit, Answer (1 of 13): unfortunately magic spells, like 17th century death certificates and (hopefully) jeffrey archer novels have not transcended from the dusty page unto the endlessly gleaming white of the internet.doubly tragic is the fact that i've lent all my animal magic books to my friend who's a struggling veterinary surgeon. so all we are left with the scraps of the internet and i'm afraid.

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Dog spell (really works!!!), An instant money spell when u are pressured from every where - duration: 5:53. natural healing care bhumika modi 778,930 views. Vile dog transformation – d20pfsrd, The dog is normally neutral evil, but is chaotic evil if you are chaotic or lawful evil if you are lawful. for every 3 caster levels you have, you can transform one dog (to a maximum of five dogs at 15th level). at the end of the spell’s duration, the dogs immediately dissolve into a stinking pile of gore and bones.. Shape shifter spells (2) | real spells, Real spells shape shifter spells (2) i recommend you choose an animal that has few predators (a mouse is not a good choice for your first transformation). something like a dog, wolf, bear, or cat would be fine. the next step is to try to contact the animal you have chosen. if there is a particular god/dess assigned to that animal, ask them.

To become a neko (tested) | spells and rituals, -added by mj- note: it is permanent, unless you use the tweaked version (at the end). note: this has been tested! my friend kindsey and her friends amber and zac are all doing the ritual and they're experiencing the side effects as listed at the bottom! it works! i would send a link to their quotev but they don't have a quotev. we only talk through kik.. Animal spells – witches of the craft®, Posts about animal spells written by ladyoftheabyss. personal request #1 – protection spell for dogs. diana, goddess of the wild, keep of dogs both fierce and mild, hold (name of pet, in this case, use these feral dogs) safely in your arms. and protect these creatures from all harm..

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