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How to use posthumously in a sentence - wordhippo, He was posthumously awarded a certificate of bravery which is still a treasured possession in the family. much as liberals like to posthumously remember kennedy as an ardent liberal champion, he was in fact an ardent cold warrior. he got a lot of ink, posthumously, due to a november '98 struggle with two officers.. Use posthumously in a sentence | posthumously sentence, The effect of the lectures (posthumously edited) in which hegel's " philosophy of history " and " history of philosophy " were expounded, has extended far beyond the limits of his special school; indeed, the predominance of the historical method in all departments of the theory of practice is not a little due to their influence.. Posthumous employee recognition awards - gifts for, Here are some tips in presenting posthumous employee recognition awards and volunteer awards. 1.) never present a posthumous recognition award too quickly after the death of the employee or volunteer..

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What are examples of posthumous award -, In the u.s. army, posthumous award of the purple heart for being injured in battle, army commendation medal, bronze star medal, and the silver star are medals often awarded posthumously (after death).. Word usage - how to use "posthumous"? - english language, How to construct the sentence correctly using the word posthumous or posthumously with reference to an event after the king's death. your use of posthumous weakening is correct to refer to a noun "the government" that happened after the king's death.. Posthumous | definition of posthumous by merriam-webster, Posthumous definition is - born after the death of the father. how to use posthumous in a sentence. where does posthumous come from?.

Posthumous | definition of posthumous at, Posthumous definition, arising, occurring, or continuing after one's death: a posthumous award for bravery. see more.. Use posthumous in a sentence -, The latter were about to bury him without delay or ceremony, but the gastald or chief magistrate of the city interfered and appointed a public funeral; rumours of his wondrous travels and of posthumous miracles were diffused, and excitement spread like wildfire over friuli and carniola; the ceremony had to be deferred more than once, and at last took place in presence of the patriarch of. List of awards - wikipedia, Posthumous. many prizes, medals, and awards can be granted posthumously. australian actor heath ledger, for example, won many awards after his death in 2008. military decorations, such as the medal of honor, are often given posthumously. less commonly, certain prizes, medals, and awards are granted only posthumously,.

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