Ponygirls Harnessed To Chariots

Cross-country - school for submission, The pony girl was covered in sweat, panting, her face flushed pink; she still had the head-harness on, including the open-weave ball-gag, but lizbeth tipped up the water bottle to direct a stream at her mouth.. Pony girl | elegancestudios.com : hywelphillips.com, Cos ponygirls is the most pleasureful bdsm play and love to see many pony play like racing, pulling wagons, pulling chariots with humiliation will make u r video more reality and sell more reply ↓ hywel on december 11, 2015 at 19:02 said:. Ponygirl race by ironhawk-r on deviantart, The race was in full swing. the shapely, sweaty bodies of the pony girls, harnessed to the chariot, moved gracefully and synchronously in their belts..

Harnessed to a trotting-gig @ sirjeff's ponygirls, http, Harnessed to a trotting-gig by roy bacchus - do not use without the author's permission. helle was becoming fit. since she had first been saddled, it had been necessary to tighten her harness, four times, as the weight had come off her.. Sunday morning - school for submission, The final part of the pony girl "three-day event" was scheduled to start after lunch on sunday, but for that percentage of the population who were used to rising before noon then, there was a competition to attend.. Equus eroticus – the world of pony play for and by players!, First of a series . delving into pony play based on bdsm (bondage, discipline, dominance/submission, and sadomasochism) could easily slip into the common fantasy of the slave forced into becoming an equine animal so easily found in fantasy material, especially on the internet..