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47 surprising facts about animals, 47 surprising facts about animals did you know some animals have multiple penises or vaginas?!. Mating for life part 4: why are animals monogamous, Why are animals monogamous? as we've seen in previous posts (about birds, mammals and insects), monogamy is common in some parts of the animal kingdom and. Animals | the photographic journey of bulldog. | page 14, What you see is what you get……. birds, animals, and all sorts of things, but remember; work for a cause, not for applause. live life to express, not to impress..

Pandas Have More Babies if They Can Pick Their Mates

Frog reproduction, from mating to metamorphosis, Frog reproduction, from mating to metamorphosis - frog reproduction doesn't always follow the classic steps that we were all taught in elementary school. learn about. Unscathed corpse, "unscathed corpse" is a collection of curious, weird, sexiest, funny, crazy and interesting sites. you can call it "subliminal porn". sometimes it's fetish, sometimes. The world's ugliest animals -, The internet was made for cooing over adorable animals. but why not pay tribute to the most unsightly ones -- a look at seven of the world's ugliest animals!.

Animals | michigan in pictures, Posts about animals written by farlane snapping turtle, photo by kevin povenz. i came across a cool video of a snapping turtle laying her eggs – check it out below!. 6 animals whose mating habits make humans -, Oral sex isn't a human invention, though we were the first species smart enough to film it and put it on the internet. many animals, from brown bears to bats, like to. These animals’ screams will chill your blood, The cries of the red fox can sound surprisingly similar to a human in distress. males give a short "scream" in aggression, and females "shriek" as a mating call..

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