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2018 - 2019 daily holidays by month. wacky, bizarre days, 2018 - 2019 daily calendar holidays by month there is a wealth daily holidays and special days. some are steeped in tradition, while others may be wacky, bizarre, unique, special or otherwise simply different holidays.. Weird holidays in 2019 - obscure, bizarre, wacky, funny, Weird holidays in 2020. popular upcoming holidays you may be interested in. no pants day may 03, 2019. national running day june 05, 2019. national donut day june 07, 2019. national hot dog day july 17, 2019. national ice cream day july 21, 2019. international beer day august 02, 2019.. Obscure holidays—national today, Some holidays—halloween, thanksgiving, christmas—everyone has heard of. others, not so much. at national today we have lovingly compiled a calendar of the holidays that most have yet to discover!.

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2019 holidays and observances official fun, silly, bizarre, Fun, unknown, unobserved, untraditional, unusual, silly, strange, crazy, odd, sometimes bizarre, goofy, dumb, wacky, weird, wild, respected and traditional holidays or observances. these are primarily u.s. and some worldwide. but, we share our fun with everyone! click on the month you wish to visit and scroll to find the day you want.. Obscure holidays: fun for everyone | programming librarian, An unscientific study of nationaldaycalendar.com reveals there are, on average, three obscure (and sometimes not-so-obscure) holidays on any given day of the year. these lesser-known holidays can be celebrated to promote a cause, to recognize historical events, or just as an excuse to have a few laughs.. Fun and unique holidays - giftypedia, Holidays are born because something special happened on that day, or to pay tribute to a person, special cause, occupation, or even someone's favorite food. use our calendar to find official, traditional, funny and even bizarre holiday celebrations..

A daily listing of today's holidays! | checkiday.com, April 18, 2019 - today's holidays are adult autism awareness day, get to know your customers day, international amateur radio day, international day … a list of today's holidays, most of which you won't find on a calendar!. April 2019 official, fun, crazy and bizarre holidays, All our holidays are validated with sponsors, organizations, proclamations, history; or, we validate the source or origin for an observance to prove it's not made up. although we have holidays for most days, there are a few that are blank.. Fun holidays - fun, wacky & trivial holidays - time and date, Other fun holidays around april 15 20 apr look alike day. look alike day is a fun holiday that encourages people to look out for people who look like them. 22 apr jelly bean day. jelly bean day on april 22 is a made-up holiday that celebrates jelly beans..

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