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Questions and answers - u.s. department of labor - wage, Unless covered by an exemption, employees 2015, the department adjustment costs are the costs accrued to determine workers' new exemption statuses, notify. What new overtime law means for everyone - business insider, He predicts work will be shifted from overworked employees to either new owens predicted the rule will be adopted by the end of 2015 to business insider. New year, new laws: compliance challenges u.s. employers, Additionally, new york will continue its recent tradition of increasing minimum wage rates on new year's eve, with increases scheduled to take effect on dec. 31, 2014, and again on dec. 31, 2015. employers in northern california's greater bay area will see four cities establish or increase their local minimum wage to an amount above the state rate, which is already higher than the federal minimum wage..

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4 ways the new overtime rules may affect your paycheck, 4 ways the new overtime rules at least minimum wage under federal and state laws, generous benefits to non-exempt employees than to their. 4 labor and employment law changes to keep an eye on in, 4 labor and employment law changes to when it comes to complying with new government regulations in 2015. for exempt status, employees have to. Coming soon: a change in who gets overtime pay - cnnmoney, Labor advocates say more workers should qualify for overtime pay after 40 hours once worked by formerly exempt employees. new rules are released.

Federal overtime compensation law possible by the end of 2015, Washington, august 17, 2014 – by the end of 2015, a change in a federal overtime compensation law may occur. if it happens, millions of employees who are now shut out will find a much fatter pay-c. California paid sick leave: frequently asked questions, Unless the notice requirement in labor code section 2810.5 does not apply (exempt employees, public employees, and employees covered under certain collective bargaining agreements are excluded), or if the paid sick leave does not apply under one of the exceptions stated in labor code section 245.5(a), an employer must notify all employees hired prior to january 1, 2015 of changes to terms and conditions of employment that relate to paid sick leave within 7 days of the actual change.. Exemptions from the overtime laws -, All orders by operation of law (see labor code section 1171 not required by the employer and arranged at the request of the employee. exempt from overtime.

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