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Why hasn't the u.s. gone metric? - slate magazine, The metric system originated in france in the late 17 th century to combat rampant commercial fraud by farmers and shopkeepers who used the varied systems of weights and measures to their advantage.. Us and metric weights and measures compared, The metric system the length of the basic unit, the meter, was kind-of arbitrarily chosen (one ten-thousandth of a quarter of the paris meridian) - but all other units of the metric system of weights and measures flow from that meter in decimal fashion, multiples of ten or reductions to one-tenth.. Realistic designs n-q - atomic rockets, The easiest propellant to manufacture is liquid carbon dioxide. it can be produced from the martian atmosphere using just high pressure (690 kpa) with no cryogenic cooling needed (a 30 horsepower pump will do, requiring 25 kw, or 80 kilowatt hours per metric ton)..

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Aero (chocolate) - wikipedia, Aero is an aerated chocolate product manufactured by nestlé.originally produced by rowntree's, aero bars were introduced in 1935 to the north of england as the "new chocolate".. How to create a great tagline for your business (w/ examples), A 3-step formula to creating a great tagline for your business plus tons of tagline examples. these formulas can help a business of any size.. Home - special shapes company, Specialized brass and aluminum shapes needed by the modeling craftsmen.

Laogai - wikipedia, Laogai (勞改/劳改), the abbreviation for láodòng gǎizào (勞動改造/劳动改造), which means "reform through labor", is a slogan of the chinese criminal justice system and has been used to refer to the use of penal labour and prison farms in the people's republic of china (prc).. The swedish recycling revolution - | the, With its ongoing recycling revolution, less than one per cent of sweden’s household waste ends up in a rubbish dump.. Tomato news, The information website for and about the global tomato processing industry.

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