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70 short welcome speech samples to address any event, In view of keeping the welcome speech interesting, i am going to say welcome and direct you to start enjoying the rest of the program. i welcome you to what i hope what is going to be one of the interesting experiences of your life. the program we have planned for you is based on the inputs that we collected from you before the program.. Celebration of men's day | why we celebrate international, Speech for men’s day. in the world both men and women must have equal treatment and honor, as the two have contributed to humanity and the development of it in infinite ways, that is why, there is a special date in which we all should honor the male gender.. Can you give me a sample speech for men and women day program?, Many speeches for men's day and women's day programs use a piece of scripture to give their speech a theme and a focus. if a particular piece of scripture of hymn comes to mind as being an appropriate commemoration of the occasion, then feel free to incorporate it into your speech..

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I need a welcome and occasion for men and women day program?, Answer (1 of 4): there are several things you may wish to do for your welcome and occasion for men’s and women’s day church program. a nice gesture when greeting your audience is to pin a pleasant-smelling flower on them at the door. this will show gratitude for their attendance and also give a bright and colourful vibe to your occasion.. I need a short welcome speech for a women's day program, I need a welcome and occasion for men and women day program? where to find a free speech for women's day program? how can i find a free women's day welcome speech? can you give me a sample speech for men and women day program? how many calories should i be eating a day if i want to lose weight?. Free welcome speech example - best speech topics, Beginning of free welcome speech. welcome to the 5th annual gathering of the american car enthusiasts. it is great to see so many enthusiastic men and women here celebrating the genius and innovation of american car manufacturers over the years. it has been a long time since henry ford got the ball rolling and look how far we've come!.

What is a good occasion speech for men and women day, A good occasion speech for men and women day program in the church is "do unto others as you would have done unto you" or something of a similar nature whereby there is a deep lesson to be learned.

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