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Free sex stories & erotic stories @, Free sex stories collection. that young mare i was 15 when i discovered the pleasure of fucking mares.. First mare - blogger, My first mare ----- it was my first trip to the ranch, and the first time i'd met a fellow zoophile face-to-face; that is, the first time i'd met someone else whom i knew had a sexual interest in non-humans.. My mares welcome home present – xxx fiction, My mares welcome home present. marelover ( my mare had been away at pasture for 3 months. three months! i had been craving her so much. counting down the days for when she was coming home. finally the day arrived and i brought them home, let them out in the pasture and watched them run. she out of all of them is by far the most beautiful. (this was a few weeks ago fyi.

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Equine husbandry - chapter i - nifty erotic stories archive, He made his way to the mares' stables, on the eastern side of his ranch, and then down to his favorite stall, his body sliced by slanting rays of afternoon sunlight streaming through the clapboards. in seconds, it seemed, he was on it. "that's it, girl," crooned william jackson caballo. his forefinger diddled his mare's clit. she appreciated it mightily. "i want you wet for me." alexandra, his. Mare explorations – xxx fiction, Mare explorations. anon. this is a story of how i became a mare lover. i am a male of nineteen years of age. i have had horses for years. it wasn’t until recently when i heard someone say the word bestiality that my interest was sparked. i went on a trip on the internet to see what it was and was surprised i was turned on by it. one day when i was riding alone in the woods behind our house i. Man had sex with horse - weird sex stories from texas, While y'all were out celebrating the birth of our majestic america, a dude from texas got arrested for having sex with a horse. for the third time. apparently the 43-year-old was sexually obsessed with one mare, named nadia, but was previously arrested for having sex with two different horses. (men.

Animal sex stories-how to get fucked by a horse - animal, Animal sex stories. sally. sluttin for her stallion., how to get fucked by a horse. sally was in the mood. she wasn’t quite sure why, but she was, so she didn’t question herself, just shot off a text to a horse master: “i want it.”. James and mare - a story of love - erotic couplings, Author's note i know this is long but it had to be long, at least for me. this is my first erotic story, ever. i hope you like it. i was tempted to break it up into shorter sections but it was written as one piece, not many..