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Ovis - wikipedia, Ovis is a genus of mammals, part of the goat-antelope subfamily of the ruminant family bovidae. its five or more highly sociable species are known as sheep.the domestic sheep is one member of the genus, and is thought to be descended from the wild mouflon of central and southwest asia. Glossary of sheep husbandry - wikipedia, Pour-on – see backliner.; raddle – coloured pigment used to mark sheep for various reasons, such as to show ownership, or to show which lambs belong to which ewe. may be strapped to the chest of a ram, to mark the backs of ewes he mates (different rams may be given different colours). also a verb ("that ewe's been raddled").. Recent advances in mineral nutrition of goats - goats and, Abstract: during the last five years major advances in research of macro- and microelement nutrition of goats have occurred. the uniqueness of goats in many aspects of mineral metabolism, especially cu, i, se, mo, as has been documented..

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Sheep 201: glossary of sheep terms - sheep 101 home page, C cafo - cconfined animal feeding operation having at least 1,000 animal units. governed by federal and state laws. carding -process involving the movement of natural fibres between two surfaces covered with wire pins in order to detangle and align the fibres in preparation for spinning.. A simple guide to buying your first goat - weed 'em & reap, A simple guide to buying your first goat: choose a breed. there are a lot of different breeds of goats. dairy breeds: nubian, la mancha, alpine, oberhasli, toggenburg, saanen, sable, and nigerian dwarf goats. meat breeds: spanish, tennessee, boer, and kiko goats. fancy-pants breeds that produce fibers for fabric: angora and cashmere goats. and then there are the fun pet breeds: pygmy and. Fias co farm- goats as pets, Our experiences with our first goat really educated us. because we were so mislead by that 'breeder' trying to make a quick dollar, we became motivated to not only learn everything we could possibly learn about goats, but also to educate other people about goats..

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Sheep Mates with Goat in Arizona, Creates First-Ever Geep ...