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Horse breeding - wikipedia, Terminology. the male parent of a horse, a stallion, is commonly known as the sire and the female parent, the mare, is called the dam.both are genetically important, as each parent provides half of the genetic makeup of the ensuing offspring, called a foal.contrary to popular misuse, "colt" refers to a young male horse only; "filly" is a young female.. Hinny - wikipedia, A hinny is a domestic equine hybrid that is the offspring of a male horse, a stallion, and a female donkey, a is the reciprocal cross to the more common mule, which is the product of a male donkey, a jack, and a female horse, a mare. Equine resin directory, Resins & customs for sale by bonnie krueger - 1/19/18. browse galleries of finished horses.

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Donkeys and donkey carts for sale - page 1 - dragon driving, 12 results found in donkey, mules, jennies, jacks and gelding donkeys. advertise your donkey for £6 until sold.. Frequently asked questions - love longears, Frequently asked questions: frequently asked questions *are mules a species? (what is the genus/species name for a mule?) the answer is no.. Mules (donkey × horse) - mammalian hybrids - online, The animal produced by crossing a male donkey (that is, a jackass or jack) and a female horse (a mare) is called a mule. the product of the reciprocal cross (stallion × jennet) is a hinny. hinnies have always been less commonly produced..

Mhwf horses for adoption, America's alternative to sending your horse to market.. Tawnashetlands - diary, 16 th september 2018. for several weeks we have been looking forward to today’s end of season shetland fun show in devon. it lived up to it’s name with a friendly atmosphere, classes which were a bit different from the norm, and some unusual bonus prizes . . .. Names of animals, babies and groups-, Animal pages to color online: names of males, females, babies, and groups of animals what are the males, females, babies, and groups of animals called?.

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