Kyng Kooba Breeding Brides

Kyng kooba: stories, Stories, series, and universes by kyng kooba at storiesonline. (premier members only) southern, teenage belle lorissa might come from a strict, religious community but her neighbour walt has a mind to indulge an wicked interracial fantasy. Breeding brides chapter 4 - interracial story : a sex stories, Random casey and me . my best friend casey and i have not been having very much luck in the guy section. while watching a stripper in a movie, we both exclaimed "damn! she's hott!!".. Breeding brides part 1 - interracial story : a sex stories, Breeding brides chapter 1. we arrived at 11.00 o’clock. sunday lunchtime. my 28 year old wife kathy well dressed in a sexy white number, high heels and carrying a small, leather handbag over her shoulder..