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Calvary chapel alert for pastors and church leaders, Calvary chapel alert lists articles and videos documenting ecumenical and theological compromises within the calvary chapel movement... Discerning the world ⋆ discerning biblical answers for, A christian blog with a collection of articles exposing false teaching and providing biblical answers to christians who seek the truth in these last days.. Al mohler's embrace of heretic rick warren | beginning of, Al mohler has embraced rick warren, a known apostate and promoter of heresy. with a rise in ecumenism and false teachers al mohler must be held accountable..

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Calvary chapel's steady slide into apostasy | beginning of, By the way: church correction list knew this at the time: greg laurie stood a women up and called her a “donkey’s ass” for wanting to leave her husband who was molesting the children.. Ecumenism & interfaith - deceptioninthechurch.com, Bradford pear christianity by sandy simpson this dvd is a message based on this article.. i was driving along and noticing that spring has sprung here in north carolina.. Retha mcpherson's message from another god - (part 1, Retha mcpherson’s message from another god. there is a whole lot i want to write about retha mcpherson and aldo mcpherson, their story is so strange i don’t quite know where to start..

The prophetic end of the age is likely to occur around, I personally think we have about 20 years left before we complete the prophetic end of the age and enter the millennial reign of jesus. if that is true, i think many things must happen in the next twenty years, so be very careful about what you buy into.. 2th 2:3 and other teachings of paul indicate pretrib rapture, Some say teaching a pretrib rapture is false doctrine that will send christians to hell. they confess to be wise but they show no understanding of the scriptures..

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