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Jacks, johns, jennies - calkinsart, Most of the time a jack can be a gentle creature and that is why caution must be used every minute you are around a jack. a jack's mating instinct can be very strong and his urge may be triggered by something the handler is not aware of.. Are donkey jacks always dangerous? | animals - mom.me, Unless you're in the breeding business, there is no upside and a lot of risk for keeping an intact male donkey, or jack. donkey jacks are dangerous because they're unpredictable. you might think you have the sweetest jack donkey in the world, who'd never harm anyone -- until he does, swiftly and unexpectedly.. Jack russell mating, One of the most energetic dog breed - jack russell terrier [ofcourse this still funny] 2017#1 - duration: 10:36. pet's world 980,584 views.

Jack breeding mares - horses - illinois livestock trail, My best success with these guys involves older, totally in lust mares that tolerate all sorts of abuse by overly enthusiastic jacks. as with lots of young stallions, you sometimes have to let them get away with more than you would with an older stallion..