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10 do’s and don’ts for pastors on facebook – the creative, While there is an abundance of social media platforms, facebook continues to be the single best place for churches to connect with the majority of people online.. Why we hold grudges, and how to let them go | psychology today, Often we hold onto our grudges unwillingly, while wishing we could drop them and live freshly in the present, without the injustices of the past occupying so much psychic space.. 10 mistakes you can make when seeking a new pastor - one, Seeking a new pastor for your church can be a daunting task because getting it wrong can have dire consequences for years to come. for 30 years or more my wife and i have been involved in supporting church leaders and churches as they struggle with the stresses and issues of leadership and calling..

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Three next-level looks for your worship lyrics – the, I’ve always been a fan of great design in the church. it’s important as we make series graphics and announcements to have a look and feel that is appealing to the eye and inviting to the community.. Voa special report about sexual abuse allegations against, Mr. tigraway, your bosses are experts of rape from top officials to the bottom scum cadres like you. prostituion is a deep culture of tplf as it was using women to lure derg officials and spy on them.. | pastor and author charley reeb – pastor, I am so excited to share my new book with you! that’ll preach! (abingdon press) 5 simple steps to your best sermon ever will equip you to be an outstanding preacher and a powerful vessel for christ..

Pastor humor, jokes by javacasa, Pastor's life humor for clergy appreciation, featuring hundreds of jokes and a joke-a-day. Why people don’t invite their friends to your church, There are a lot of reasons people go and check out a church for the first time. maybe someone they know gets married and they go to celebrate their wedding or someone they know passes away and they go for the funeral. it may be that they already go to church on a regular basis and they move to a new. Post navigation -, Green spot: greening your christmas the commercialism this time of year is rampant. trying to find that perfect something for everyone on your list can be overwhelming..

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