Hunter Zoloman

Hunter zolomon | arrowverse wiki | fandom powered by wikia, Hunter zolomon was the son of james and ashley zolomon. when he was 11 years old, hunter came downstairs to find his father abusing his mother, demanding respect following service in the war of the americas .. Hunter zolomon - wikipedia, Hunter zolomon had a troubled relationship with his parents who rarely spoke to each other or to him. on the day hunter was to leave for college, his father (a serial killer who murdered six young girls) had killed his mother before being gunned down by the police after refusing to surrender.. Hunter zolomon (new earth) | dc database | fandom powered, Hunter zolomon is zoom, a speedster super-villain and enemy to the flash who became the third reverse-flash. originally working as a metahuman profiler for the kcpd, he was crippled by gorilla grodd and gained powers through an accident with the cosmic treadmill. zolomon lost his mind and.

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Reverse-flash - wikipedia, Hunter zolomon (also known as zoom) first appeared in the flash: secret files & origins #3 (november 2001). the archenemy of wally west, he is the third supervillain to be called reverse-flash. thaddeus thawne.. The flash's twist explained: who is hunter zolomon, The flash has revealed another famous comic character, leading fans to wonder if hunter zolomon is the answer they've been waiting for. Hunter zolomon (earth one) | arrowverse wiki | fandom, Hunter zolomon is a resident of earth one. to provide caitlin with an answer as to why there is no earth one jay garrick, hunter's earth two counterpart claimed that hunter one's mother died during childbirth..

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