Hucow Calves

Breeding time at the hucow farm - fetish -, It was by no means an uncommon thing to see a hucow out in public, yet i always found myself staring whenever i found one. the way her huge breasts were constrained beneath her shirt and the curve of her wide hips were enthralling.. Natalia forrest – breeding hucow – hucows, Natalia forrest has been breeding and the results are clearly visible! she is pregnant! her udders have grown quite a bit, of course. breeding is the best way to get the milk flowing and increase udder size.. Breeding time at the hucow farm ch. 04 - fetish, Jessica the early morning sun seeped through the curtains, warming the room in a brilliant glow. the sound of birds could be heard from the dairy farm's back garden outside as the world woke to a new day. i rested back against the propped up pillows on the hospital bed, my arms cradled across my udders..

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Vina – the treatment – hucows, Young vina wants to be a hucow so bad, but her udders are very small. today, she will get her first treatment with the electronic breast training machine. it seems a little harsh and painful, but it needs to be done! the machine can manipulate breast tissue in various ways, but the most obvious one. Sarah stiffington -, Hucow fans, i have published a new hucow erotica short and you can get it for free with kindle unlimited if you click here! this is book 2 in kayla’s hucow career (you can find book 1, ‘drain my cream’ here) kayla had been introduced to hucow life by her boss’ husband, and was a natural hucow! only one man wasn’t enough for kayla.. Herded -, Here’s what “herded” contains: nonconsensual mind control, incest (hetero and homo), interracial, orientalizing, and hucow-if-ication. oh, and some spanking..

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