Horseface -, Both horseface stormy and creepy porn lawyer avenatti have a knack for getting in their own way. just ask justice kavanaugh. meanwhile, the handmaids in the news media will waste precious airtime “well-i-nevering” over this for at least the next couple days.. Horseface: donald trump and the american comedy circus, Under these circumstances most fair-minded folk would agree that ‘horseface’ is a pretty mild rebuke. the word was carefully chosen – not too insulting, reasonably funny, perfectly accurate etc. trump knew exactly how it would go down and how the straight-men and women of the left-wing presses would react to make his only quite good joke. Urban dictionary: horseface, Horseface unknown a person with a long face , large teeth, a gaping mouth , and other horse-like facial characteristics. my first girlfriend , aka horseface, was so lame ..

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‘horseface,’ ‘lowlife,’ ‘fat, ugly’: how the president, Washington — president trump referred to the pornographic film actress stephanie clifford as “horseface” in a tweet on tuesday, adding her to a long list of women he has attacked by. Horseface | definition of horseface by merriam-webster, Learn more about horseface. share horseface. resources for horseface. time traveler! explore the year a word first appeared . from the editors at merriam-webster. the good, the bad, & the the good, the bad, & the semantically imprecise - 10/19. the words that defined the week of october 19th, 2018.. With ‘horseface,’ trump initiates another personal attack, President trump on tuesday insulted adult-film actress stormy daniels by calling her “horseface,” the latest example in his long-standing pattern of attempting to undercut female adversaries.

Trump calls stormy daniels 'horseface'; she fires back, President donald trump lobbed a crass insult at stormy daniels on tuesday, calling the adult film star "horseface" after a federal judge dismissed her defamation suit against him. "great, now i. Trump believed his stormy daniels ‘horseface’ tweet was, Now she'll be stormy ‘horseface’ daniels forever.” jesse watters, a fox news host and a friend of president trump’s , expressed similar sentiments on the five on tuesday evening.. Trump calls stormy daniels "horseface" in tweet, President trump introduced a new nickname for stormy daniels, an adult film star who claims she had an affair with him, calling her "horseface" i n a tuesday tweet about a federal judge throwing.

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