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Mating stories chapter 4: firexmisty, a warriors fanfic, Firestar's pov. its funny how things happen, and how you don't expect it. my mate is sandstorm and i have 2 daughters. like, mistyfoot, i mean, mistystar. she and i are close, and we're friends, but one day mistystar made us a little too close.i'll start with day, that i was completely, confused…. Wind whisper chapter 2, a spirit fanfic | fanfiction, I suddenly realized that mating season was coming to a start soon. my heart sank at the thought of strong night finding someone better than me to bear his child. a horse with the grace of waiting moon or the sweetness of little flower.. Mating stories, a young adult fiction | fictionpress, So many mating pairs, ready for you to read about them. this series of stories includes, tigerstar and sasha, crowfeather and leafpool, firestar and sandstorm, and much, much more..

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The centaur's foal (centaur x human oneshot), a fantasy, Follow/fav the centaur's foal (centaur x human swift had happily agreed. although the mating itself had been rather difficult to figure out at first, the couple had been able to manage. to see their child's face very well as it slid out. the head rested on the front legs, and the shoulders of both the human half and the horse half were. Mating stories - quotev, *werewolf* every year, a mating ball is held for people from the ages 18-24 to try and find their mate. this year, alexis (lexi) and her best friend, hannah, will be attending the mating ball for their first times.. Horseland - chapter 3: a birthday mating - wattpad, Mating season was over so we didn't have to separate the horses any more. it was a grooming and a cleaning of stall day. it was a grooming and a cleaning of stall day. everyone was still at lunch except for me and will..

Animal mating stories - wattpad, Read story animal mating stories by cobaltstrongheart with 2,494 reads.story 1: machine the horse walked through the door. she was naked. the wolf came and pul.

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