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A horse for the force chapter 2, a star wars + ranma, Ranma overhears some things that make him question his life in nerima, then goes to see dr. tofu for some answers. while fighting those that came after him, ranma makes a crazy decision, using the nanban mirror to get away from everyone chasing him.. Tarheel writer - suggested fanfic harry potter h/d, This is the ultimate harry/draco (drarry) story list. what you'll find here are stories i've been collecting for over a decade. there are action adventure stories, romance stories, alternate universe stories, time travel stories and more.. Half-human hybrid - tv tropes, Alice in seventh son is the daughter of a human father and a witch mother (in the film, witches are implied to be a separate species). it turns out the hero, tom, is one as well. barf the mawg from spaceballs, played by john candy."i'm a mawg. half man, half dog. i'm my own best friend!" even worse, the gangster pizza the hutt is described as half-man, half pizza..

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Incendio chapter 4: all that glitters, a harry potter, Smaug lost his son to orcs years before taking erebor. in another world harry potter is experiencing some strange new symptoms while taking part in the tri-wizard tournament.. Humans through alien eyes - tv tropes, The "human in equestria" concept has become so prolific in the my little pony: friendship is magic fanfic community, that (the most popular mlp fanfic website) had to create a "human" tag just to accommodate it.. article2 is about a human spaceship crashing into equestria. the story is told from the perspective of the equestrians. played straight as well as inverted in the human. Elfquest - elfquest faq, Elfquest faq. q. what is elfquest? q. how did you guys/elfquest get started? q. when’s the next issue of final quest out? q. how long is final quest slated to run?.

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