Hip Hop Arm Gesture Meaning Marijuana Side Sway

Learn hip-hop hand gestures - flocabulary, Everybody knows that a rapper without hand gestures is like swiss cheese without the holes, but you'd be surprised to know that no one has launched a study of hip-hop hand gestures. until now! flocabulary's presents the guide to hip-hop hand gestures, which is also featured in the rapper's handbook: a guide to freestyling & writing rhymes .. What does this hand gesture mean? | yahoo answers, I noticed some people that are involved in the hip-hop/rap culture using this hand movement/gesture, it is the arm bent at around a 90 degree angle out from the body and being moved up and down and it also seems that it is moved higher up in the air as time progresses. does anyone know what this is?. The way rappers move their hands | genius, The gesture which most rappers make when rapping are similar to when someone is explaining something to someone with their hands pointing out and exaggerating the points they want to make..

How to do the whacking arms dance move | hip-hop workout, Out, you're going to start to feel your shoulders and your arm muscles working. i'm going to face the side just in case you're confused as to where the hands go.. The language of hiphop hands - music - the stranger, It is not the business of this article to produce an exhaustive classification of hiphop hands. it would take years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to identify all of them—general hands. Funny things rappers do with their hands - slate.com, One of the most important components of a rap performance is one of the easiest to overlook: what a rapper chooses to do with his hands when he’s rapping. notwithstanding hip-hop’s ancestral.

25 iconic rap lyrics about weed | billboard, Hip-hop has marijuana to thank for some of the best songs to ever come from the genre.. What is dabbing, the 'new' dance craze that already peaked?, You have questions. we have dabs. dabbing is one the latest dance crazes to sweep the internet. and like its predecessor, the nae nae, it was dragged from the hip-hop community into the traffic.