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Har gobind khorana - wikipedia, Har gobind khorana (9 january 1922 – 9 november 2011) was an indian american biochemist. while on the faculty of the university of wisconsin, he shared the 1968 nobel prize for physiology or medicine with marshall w. nirenberg and robert w. holley for research that showed the order of nucleotides in nucleic acids, which carry the genetic code of the cell and control the cell’s synthesis of. Har gobind khorana | american biochemist | britannica.com, >har gobind khorana. subsequent studies in many organisms showed that the double helical structure of dna, the mode of its replication, and the genetic code are the same in virtually all organisms, including plants, animals, fungi, bacteria, and viruses.. Marshall warren nirenberg :: dna from the beginning, Marshall nirenberg, har gobind khorana, and robert holley shared the 1968 nobel prize for physiology and medicine.nirenberg and khorana cracked the genetic code. holley sequenced and deduced the structure of the first trna molecule..

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Rita levi-montalcini | italian-american neurologist, Rita levi-montalcini: rita levi-montalcini, italian american neurologist who, with biochemist stanley cohen, shared the nobel prize for physiology or medicine in 1986 for her discovery of a bodily substance that stimulates and influences the growth of nerve cells. levi-montalcini studied medicine at the university of. Jagmohan - wikipedia, Jagmohan malhotra (born 25 september 1927 in the railway colony of cheecho ki malian, west punjab), known by the mononym jagmohan, is a former indian civil servant and politician belonging to the bharatiya janata party.he served as the lieutenant governor of delhi and goa, as well as the governor of jammu and kashmir.he was also elected to the lok sabha (the lower house of the indian. C.v. raman biography - chandrasekhara venkata raman indian, Here is a brief biography and history of sir c.v. raman. read information on life of indian scientist chandrasekhara venkata raman..

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