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Ecg quiz - don`t forget the bubbles, Got 6/9. good practice. not bad for a 3rd year gp resident. thank you for posting this. the superior left axis for av septal defect was a new one to me.. Parechovirus - don't forget the bubbles, A 2 week old baby, isabelle, is rushed into the emergency department by her frantic parents. she is tachycardic to 220bpm, febrile to 39.5°c, with a widesp .. Dr. belinda botha — general practitioner in proclamation, Book your appointment with dr. belinda botha, general practitioner in proclamation hill, pretoria — it's free! view the practice phone number, directions on a map and read patient recommendations..

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Genitourinary medicine | st3 recruitment - full, Genitourinary medicine (gum) is a dynamic, fun speciality which provides care for all aspects of sexual health and hiv medicine. it is a patient-centred speciality which encompasses disciplines from general medicine, virology, microbiology, dermatology, gynaecology and public health, creating a unique and rewarding career.. Sexually transmitted diseases questions including "if you, Sexually transmitted diseases questions including "if you find small bumps around your genital area is it a sign you have an std or could it be an allergic reaction to something" and "how long. Hematology – online usmle prep course - lecturio, The fundaments of hematology are important to pass step 2 or the internal medicine shelf exam. the course covers all the essentials: microcytic and normocytic anemia , lymphadenopathy , leukemia . learn online with high-yield video lectures & earn perfect scores. try now for free!.

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The Amoeba Sisters — Lytic vs. Lysogenic Viral Replication ...