Great Things I Can Say About My Pastor

7 good things to say to your pastor this weekend, Pastors hear a lot on a weekend – some of it good, but much of it challenging. if you want to encourage your pastor this weekend, think about one of these good things to say: “thank you for being my pastor.” few pastors expect those words, but all appreciate them. these few words can erase a lot of negative ones. “i prayed for you today.”. 10 things i'd like to say to my pastor -, Some things i would like to say to my former pastor of 15 years: without a vision the people perish, don’t push your vision on the people, instead find out what dream and vision god has put in their heart, and encourage them to pursue it, and to see it realized for god’s glory…remember pastor, you can help ignite the flame of your congregation”s dreams in pursuing god’s plan for. Twelve reasons i love my pastor -, I love pastors and others who serve churches vocationally. but i must admit, i don’t verbalize or write about that love very often. shame on me. allow me to take a few moments to articulate some of the reasons i love my pastor. i could name so many other reasons i love my pastor, but i will let.

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6 things your pastor needs to hear you say - faith in the news, Here are six things that i suggest your pastor would love to hear you say. did you give the right verse? i need to know when i’ve given the wrong chapter or verse. i would rather be corrected than incorrect. don’t worry about hurting my feelings. i need to know when i am wrong. i sometimes. A tribute to my pastor | the working pastor, For over 54 years, gospel light has had the privilege of having this dear soldier of the cross as their pastor. though there are many things i would like to say, i will only mention a few. three words come to mind as i think of my pastor: #1 – humble. few people can handle the accolades of their peers while not letting it go to their heads!. 5 things you shouldn't say to your pastor | relevant magazine, In such cases, the best thing to do is probably to not only not say these things, but just go ahead and find a new, healthy church. and having done that, come back and remind yourself to be careful with these phrases. 1. “good sermon.” can i tell you something about pastors? we didn’t get into this business for the pats on the back..

How can i show appreciation to my pastor? -, Question: "how can i show appreciation to my pastor?" answer: showing appreciation for your pastor is a good thing. he needs to be appreciated, and, what’s more, he needs to know he’s appreciated. there’s a difference.. How to say "thank you" to a pastor: 20 great ways - seedtime, Plant a tree – this is a great way to say thank you in honor of your pastor. video interview – be creative! you can record video interviews from members of the church sharing how they have been blessed by his ministry to them. cards/crafts – ask members of the church to send cards or gifts that they’ve made to his home. remember to. What not to say (and what to say) to your pastor's wife, What not to say (and what to say) to your pastor’s wife; what not to say (and what to say) to your pastor’s wife. sometimes a church can have unrealistic expectations of their pastor’s wife—what she should do, how she should respond or how she should relate to everyone. good article. when i saw the title i actually rolled my eyes.

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