Goodbye Notes For A Retiring Coworker

50 sincere goodbye messages to write in a farewell card, 12 “stan, over the years, you’ve been more than just a coworker to me. you’ve also been a close friend. i know how long you’ve waited for this day and i’m so happy that you finally get to experience it. with all the free time you now have, i hope you won’t forget me because i certainly won’t forget you.. Top 18 farewell gift ideas for coworkers 2018 - vivid's, Say thank you and goodbye to a departing colleague with a unique farewell gift. whatever the reason they're going away, retirement or better opportunity, these gift ideas will help show some appreciation for your soon-to-be ex-coworker's contribution.. New coworker thinks she's my manager, being honest in an, Talk to your boss first! tell him that you’re getting the sense that your coworker thinks she’s supposed to be managing you (and be specific that she’s checking up on your projects and asking for daily status meetings about your work) and that you want to confirm with him that that she’s not in fact your manager before you talk to her..

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