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When a coworker missed a deadline, i told her it’s a good, A reader writes: i was written up at work yesterday due to a single comment that i made. last week, i was frustrated with a woman employee who failed to meet a deadline on a simple task (not the first time she’s done this) and, while blowing off steam, one of the things i said was that it’s a good thing she is pretty.. 9 things not to say to veterans - diversityinc, "have you ever killed anyone?" find out the most inappropriate questions to ask former military service members in your workplace.. Dealing with a coworker who hoards all the work — ask a, Sydney bristow march 12, 2013 at 1:20 pm. i agree with this. the coworker is the one that looks good here in the eyes of management, not because they are doing the best work or handling it efficiently, but because management sees the 3am emails as impressive..

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Things you should never say to your boss | reader's digest, When speaking to your boss you should always maintain a level of professionalism. here are 10 things you should never say to your boss.. Never say these things to your boss, even if you're, Be careful what you say. it may come back to haunt you..

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