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Cute sayings using candy bars - yourdictionary, Cute sayings using candy bars by yourdictionary using the names of candy bars to make cute sayings is a really fun idea that is sure to make your friends and family. A king-sized list of candy bar sayings », Here's a list of candy bar sayings organized by brand. a king-sized list of candy bar sayings. pin. tweet. milk duds. as a. 60 sentences and phrases with the word duds, Looking for sentences or phrases with the word duds? with fantastic action both exciting and funny, dud moo, because he reminds me of milk duds. 2:.

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So my manager asked me to get rid of these milk duds, Reddit: the front page of as best i could and it looks like he uses 20 milk duds, comments to a funny video post to write that funny recurring sentence that's. Milk duds quotes, Milk duds quotes - 1. milk duds kept me going. read more quotes and sayings about milk duds.. 5 ways to tell if your kid is a dud from tom rainey and, Raising a kid that turns out to be a dud is a god damn life sentence. your son is well on his way to being a milk-dud. funny or die. vaguely related pics.

Chocolate jokes - candy bar jokes, Chocolate jokes. back to soon she was fondling my peter pan and zagnut and i knew it wouldn't be long before i blew my milk duds clear to mars that gave her a. jokes - silly puns, Jokes- silly puns. silly puns what do you call a cow who gives no milk? a milk dud (or an udder failure). it marks the end of his sentence.. Give me a funny sentence!? | yahoo answers, Give me a funny sentence!? the first person to give me the most bonkers, 1-the milk duds were ice skating down tha street in their blue hummer,.