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Workplace etiquette101 10 13 08 - university of the pacific, Cubicle etiquette: • respect privacy and ownership: o since there is no door to open or close, consider posting a sign or flag at the entrance to your cubicle to signal that you can be interrupted.. Simple guide to making small talk – etiquette tips, As to subjects to stay away from, many sources advise to avoid any controversial topics like personal issues, health problems, politics, gossips, cost of things and inappropriate jokes.. Business class: etiquette essentials for success at work, “a much-needed primer for professionals in today's business environment because whether you realize it or not, good manners and proper protocol can make or break a promising business relationship..

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Dress code: smart casual – etiquette tips | manners, Smart casual dress code is one of the most confusing, mainly because of the word “casual” which people usually interpret as just another way of saying that you can wear whatever you like.. Reply alland other ways to tank your career: a guide to, This funny yet serious little book is by the modern manners guy on the quick and dirty tips network. publicity material calls it a guide to fixing workplace faux pas, and for this project, frieman has gathered quotes, stories, and anecdotes from all kinds of people and has assembled those pieces into a lighthearted but pointed—helpful, in other words—handbook on manners in the workplace.. Casino etiquette: worst decisions you can make in a casino, If ads for casinos were true, each one would be a glittering palace where the drinks flowed freely, the blackjacks never ended, and chips rained down from the sky..

Ask the readers: etiquette for the office gym — changing, A reader writes: could you share workplace gym etiquette? i work at a relatively small community college that has a gym, locker rooms and workout classes.. 75+ good, inexpensive gifts for coworkers | gift ideas corner, This is a great gift for your under- and over-worked coworkers. if you know someone who is hardly ever in their cubicle or someone who is never free to make conversation, let them know of your humble visit through this guest book.. 8 essential rules to surviving the workplace – return of kings, 5. don’t ever speak to a fat chick at work unless she’s over the age of 40 and married.single fat chicks are wired differently, and i still haven’t figured out what the hell is going on in their minds..

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