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Single women prefers dogs than men | social parivar, Single women prefers dogs than men. october 20, 2009 by vayu. lonely ladies are addicted to pets like dogs, cats, we expect dogs to sniff after and wag their tails for other. having a “man” who is a dog… not a good look. as for the woman using dogs and other animals for sex….she is a sick individual and doesn’t. 35 best small dog breeds - list of top small dogs with, Basenjis originally worked as hunting dogs in africa, prized for their intelligence and independence. most notably, however, the "barkless dog" makes an odd chortle-like sound instead of a typical. Why women love big dogs |, But there's something great about a pet who's a gentle giant. why women love big dogs but women also loved their pit bulls' baby-like nature. as one woman who has owned at least six pit.