Excoriate | definition of excoriate by merriam-webster, Did you know? excoriate, which first appeared in english in the 15th century, comes from "excoriatus," the past participle of the late latin verb excoriare, meaning "to strip off the hide." "excoriare" was itself formed from a pairing of the latin prefix ex-, meaning "out," and corium, meaning "skin" or "hide" or "leather." "corium" has several other descendants in english.. Excoriate | define excoriate at dictionary.com, Verb (used with object), ex·co·ri·at·ed, ex·co·ri·at·ing. to denounce or berate severely; flay verbally: he was excoriated for his mistakes. to strip off or remove the skin from: her palms were excoriated by the hard labor of shoveling.. Excoriate - definition of excoriate by the free dictionary, Usage note: traditionally, one excoriates people, not things, but in recent years the verb has been given a wider variety of objects, and the usage panel does not object. in our 2002 survey, 83 percent of the panel accepted the sentence the party's national convention and its platform were excoriated by a contemptuous press, where the verb acts upon products of human effort..

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Excoriate synonyms, excoriate antonyms | thesaurus.com, Ghastly faces were staring at her, their lips moving in death to excoriate her. its pamphlets went so far as to excoriate allied methods of warfare and to level accusations of inhumanity against the belgians.. Excoriate - dictionary definition : vocabulary.com, If you excoriate someone, you let that person know that you really, really disagree with them. this verb goes beyond mere criticism; it implies anger, a harsh and insulting tone, and even a scathing attack.. Excoriated | definition of excoriated by medical dictionary, Excoriated acne is believed to be a subtype of pathological skin picking with lesions generally limited to the face (3) in which the sufferer compulsively picks real or imagined acne lesions (4)..

Excoriate legal definition of excoriate - legal dictionary, Used the day after kamal's crime to excoriate the clinton administration for allowing 180,000 immigrants to become citizens without adequate criminal record checks.. Excoriate synonyms, excoriate antonyms - merriam-webster, 1 to criticize harshly and usually publicly . the mayor had hardly been in office for a month before she was being excoriated for problems of very long standing. Excoriate - definition for english-language learners from, Definition of excoriate written for english language learners from the merriam-webster learner's dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, and count/noncount noun labels..

Democrats excoriate Trump's move to cancel Obamacare ...