Dotard - definition of dotard by the free dictionary, Define dotard. dotard synonyms, dotard pronunciation, dotard translation, english dictionary definition of dotard. n. a person who is in his or her dotage. n a person. Dotard | definition of dotard by merriam-webster, Stay above the snakeline, and don’t call anyone a dotard because kim’s lawyers are on speed-dial and those stubby fingers can really move, folks.. Dotard | define dotard at, Dotard definition, a person, especially an old person, exhibiting a decline in mental faculties; a weak-minded or foolish old person. see more..

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What is a 'dotard'? | politifact, What is a dotard? in one of the strangest war of words we’ve seen here at politifact, president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un traded insults. Urban dictionary: dotard, A cross species between on orangutan and an oompa loompa. the dotard is usually bred in captivity by wealthy families that wish to pass on their inheritance without. What is a 'dotard'? - cnn, But it was kim's use of the term "dotard," that has set the internet alight. while not widely used today, the insult is centuries old, appearing in.

Kim jong un calls donald trump 'dotard.' here's a, North korean leader kim jong un called president donald trump a "dotard" in response to trump's speech at the un general assembly. Dotard - wiktionary, I speak not like a dotard nor a fool, / as under privilege of age to brag / what i have done being young or what would do / were i not old. 1792,. North korea blasts ‘dotard’ trump for 'wicked' jerusalem, North korea blasted president donald trump on saturday for his “reckless, wicked act” of recognizing jerusalem as israel’s capital and called him a “dotard.

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