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Donkey - wikipedia, The donkey or ass (equus africanus asinus) is a domesticated member of the horse family, equidae.the wild ancestor of the donkey is the african wild ass, e. africanus.the donkey has been used as a working animal for at least 5000 years. there are more than 40 million donkeys in the world, mostly in underdeveloped countries, where they are used principally as draught or pack animals.. Miniature donkeys for sale, Mini donkeys are being born now!!! we are having our babies for 2018 born now. i may not have taken their photo yet. i may have taken their photos and be looking for my notes on how to put their newborn photos on the web page.. Wee ones farm | miniature donkeys - home of the tyger, L.j. feeding his flock in the snow. donkeys looking for their grain. the donkeys have warm water to drink from our nelson automatic waters and a warm barn to stay in. wee ones farm will have 10- 12 foals coming in spring of 2019. wee never know what mother nature will bring us..

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Miniature donkeys for wellbeing | mini donks, We bring our gentle and friendly miniature donkeys to your community group, voluntary organisation, dementia group or special needs group. basically, we visit anywhere where a mood boosting donkey visit would help people with their wellbeing.. Donkeys for sale | donkey training and donkey driving, I breed donkeys as a hobby and do from time to time, have a youngsters & older donkeys for sale. the above mare bunns miss alesha star is homebred, born in 2011.. Miniature donkeys for sale at haa miniature donkey farm, Miniature donkeys for sale at half ass acres miniature donkeys.we breed, raise, show, and sell tiny, registered miniture donkeys specializing in spotted donkeys..

Mule - wikipedia, A mule is the offspring of a male donkey (jack) and a female horse (). horses and donkeys are different species, with different numbers of chromosomes.of the two first generation hybrids between these two species, a mule is easier to obtain than a hinny, which is the offspring of a female donkey (jenny) and a male horse (stallion).. the size of a mule and work to which it is put depend largely. Questions and answers about donkeys, Questions and answers about donkeys and other equines:. we often look to see what people have searched for when they find our website. these are just a few of the most commonly asked questions about donkeys and other equines.. Breeds of donkey | the equinest, Members of the asinus genus of the equidae family, donkeys got the short straw and the big ears of the family.. there is a variety of domestic donkey breeds & bloodlines range based on local needs, local terrain and the need for stronger & more robust animals..

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