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June 18, 2015 More

Warning: Cute Dog Ahead

“The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” -Gandhi I’m a dog nut. In my lifetime, I have owned over 50 dogs. No, I’m not the crazy dog lady and no my parents weren’t breeders. We’re just a magnet for strays. Dogs have always held a special place […]

February 18, 2011 More

No Excuse for Animal Abuse

This is Patrick.   He was starved, for who knows how long, then stuffed in a trash bag and tossed down a garbage chute by his owner. A bystander heard something move in the bag and found a mere skeleton of a dog. Shockingly, the dog survived after some volunteers at a local humane society […]

March 31, 2011 More

Give a Little TLC

Do you have a photo,  story, or quote you’d like to submit? Send it to me, and you’ll see it featured here on this blog! Me and my first PawPal, “Princess” The Mr. and his PawPal After a family pet passed away, I sought volunteer opportunities with the local humane society in my then college […]

March 3, 2011 More

VOTW: The Woof Exercise

Tradition tells us that the new year issues in a wave of goals/changes people would like to make to their lifestyle. As such, fitness is currently on the minds of a lot of people. For this week’s featured volunteer opportunity, I’m here to share my new-found favorite piece of workout advice: “The best way to […]

January 20, 2011 More

VOTW: Vote for Animals & Autism Alliance

As part of my degree program, I have to secure a technical writing internship before I graduate. Since I ultimately want to work in the not-for-profit sector, I chose to seek out an internship with a local animal shelter, Polk County Humane Society. I’m really excited to get to work, so I’ve been obsessively looking […]

September 9, 2010 More

Use Address Labels For Good

Last time, we talked about Gifts that Give Back. Today, since I’m knee deep in designing the overall look of our paper products, I thought I’d talk about how you can give back with address labels and stamps. “Life is never so busy that there is no time to serve” -Sharon Tan Oh, how true […]

August 17, 2010 More